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The main resource of a company is its employee and to utilize resource at their best of quality is a very essential for company’s growth. Also it is important to recruit the right person for the right role/job. The recruitment is done on the basis of many parameter other than only his/her educational background, it is alone not a very reliable parameter. Two people may have same educational qualification but their soft-skills /nature may be different rather will definitely be different which will lead them to do better in a specific field, for .e.g. one IT software engineer can be introvert and self centered, may be suitable for R & D, while another one, who has good leadership qualities, may be suitable for operations. Now this can be determine with the help corporate astrologers. Now a day’s almost all agencies train and refine the persons to such an extent that it is difficult to figure out real traits of an individual.

It can be done at the best with the help of corporate astrologers. Our astrologers not only analyse actual talents, skills, aptitudes, attitudes, traits etc. of an, present or prospective, employee, but also provide a comprehensive picture of his/her emotional and psychological measure, his/her financial ability, his motivational skills etc. In such requirement nothing can be more facilitating and helping than our analysis.

Our main corporate astrologer Mr. Prashant Kapoor who is well versed with latest management theories in Corporate World, understands organization’s requirements and provides proper interpretation and helps in managerial hierarchy decision of a company, therefore leading to success choosing a right person in right job/role.Companies who wish to know more about this astrological service ‘Right Person for Right Role/Job’ offered by AstroKapoor group for Corporate Astrology may contact at info@astrokapoor.comConsultation fee for this service ‘Right Person for Right Role Job’ report. a. 100 USD individual case. b. 32000 USD up to five hundred employees’ job analyses as yearly package. Note* Additional charges will be applicable as number of employee increases.

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