Family Astrology AMC

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Family Astrology AMC

Delivery Time: 5 Days
Expert Solution: Astro Consultation will be given by Vedic Astrologer-Prashant Kapoor
Solution-Remedies: Solutions will be mailed separately on Request

How to Proceed for Family Astrology:

Providing astrological consultation as a yearly package for parents and children covering all Health, wealth, career, education, and guidance on various aspects, Finance, Business, Job, foreign travels, love & relationships, marriages, obstacles, investments, property, house constructions etc including the astrological solutions-remedies to overcome any obstacle that being forecasted.

AMC: All the charts will be reviewed quarterly for all the family members and remedies and guidance will be provided for all kind of concerns in the life as a quarterly report.

Note: Please provide birth details of the rest of the family members in the remark field of the table.

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