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Acquisition/Purchase and Merger-Analysis and Strategies Report: Astrology provides the SWOT analysis of the planetary power in the horoscope / birth chart of the Owner/Directors or Chief Executive or the Members of the Top Management Group analyzing positions of which planets are weak and are ground for problems, and which are the positive part of the natal/chart that direct success and can be used for greater benefits in acquiring other enterprises. Our astrologers make suggestions for improvements through Vastu techniques and astrological remedial measures while conducting acquisition and merging process.

Our one of famous corporate Astrologer Prashant Kapoor along with his IT/ Software/Corporate experience very well aware of market trend about how to handle the acquisition/purchase and merger-analysis and their strategies therefore his analysis/predictions and remedies are based on Vedic astrology along with logical interpretation of current market scenario.

Companies who wish to know more about this astrological service ‘Acquisition/Purchase and Merger-Analysis and Strategies’ offered by AstroKapoor group for Corporate Astrology may contact at info@astrokapoor.comConsultation fee for this service ‘Acquisition/Purchase and Merger-Analysis and Strategies' Report. 2000 USD up to five hundred employees as a yearly package. Note* Additional charges will be applicable as a number of employee increases.

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