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An entrepreneur is one who sets or starts a new business. This is a French word which denotes to “take over”. If an entrepreneur finds difficulty and faces lots troubles in his business then the business becomes futile and useless. It is also essential that correct selection of business should be made for proper growth and profit. We are the one who provide detailed and complete comprehensive analysis on company’s new business / venture /. It is analyzed after analysis of the horoscope of the key person of the organization. We at Astrokapoor.com consist of panel of expert astrologer who helps to identify the area of new venture/enterprise/investment. Our astrologers notify the clear and most appropriate procedure for proper profit of the proposed investment/venture/enterprise along with the detail analysis of about the key issue which has to be kept in mind as the initiation of the new venture, fund flow indications about the project; domain; best suited geographical direction; suitability of specific person for specific assignment and suitable strategies for the success of new venture. SWOT analysis is one of the most important analysis for any new venture. It will help to overcome any new hurdles in your business and helps in smooth progress of the organization. We also give reassurance that our analysis, interpretation, solution and advice will help you achieve significant milestone in your proposed venture.

Astrologer Prashant Kapoor is famous all over the world for his best analysis, interpretation, solution, remedies, advice and recommendation in Corporate Astrology. He himself is an IT professional, having an experience of 10 years. He very well understands the corporate culture management and gives the best solutions covering team management, project management, business strategies and partnerships. He is also giving his corporate solutions and advice in Real estate companies, film industries, media, politics, hospitals show business etc. Due to his pure quality, expertise, desire for continuous enhancement of knowledge and worth mentioning his result oriented approach had led him to achieve success and recognition in Corporate World as a renowned Corporate Astrologer.

Corporate astrology is a very extensive field of interpretation in the area of astrology. This deals with the study and interpretation of the birth chart and horoscope of the head of the organization, which in turn also helps to analyse the suitable person for the organization. Through Corporate Astrology complete it becomes easier to select suitable person for the organization. Corporate Astrology can also predict the upcoming risks in any organization. Corporate Astrology can also help to find the most suitable time for the investment and initiation of any big project of the company. It can also predict the projects which will prove to be beneficial for any organization in the long run.

Companies who wish to know more about this astrological service ‘New business enterprise/venture. Consultation fee for this service ‘New business enterprise/venture - Analysis and Strategies’ report. 3000 USD up to five hundred employees as yearly package. Note* Additional charges will be applicable as number of employee increases.

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