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Online Vedic Gemstone Recommendation Report

Vedic Gemstone Recommendation is one of the many expertises Astrokapoor group has. Wearing Vedic gemstone can make remarkable change in one's life with positivity and sudden achievements in the field of wealth, health, peace, prosperity, foreign travel, boost in career etc, ofcourse, if someone wears the gemstone in consideration of one's horoscope. There is a quote about the magic ring which can’t be avoided as gemstone really work like magic rings if following things are to be taken care while prescribing a gemstone by Vedic astrologers. Below are the things get covered under online Vedic gemstone recommendation.

1. Verifying all the permutation and combinations of the stars calculating the exact degree of the stars considering while prescribing gemstone 2. Recommending proper weight of the gemstone as per the geometry of the gemstone which makes a major role benefiting people. 3. Personally helping someone by astrologers making a proper selection of the gemstone after checking the power/accurate vibrations of the gemstone. 4. Wearing procedure of the gemstone as per the proper Muhurata/auspicious timing and with chanting of Vedic Mantras to pure and energize the gemstone. 6. Recommendation of Vedic gemstone following the Chakras and color therapy rules on someone's horoscope indicating upcoming problems and curing all kind of health problems as per the fundamentals of Vedic gemstone recommendation 7. Recommendation of Vedic gemstone following the rules of color therapy on someone's chart indicating future problems and curing every kind of health issues as per the Vedic astrology fundamentals. 8. Recommendation of vedic gemstone and semi-precious gemstones considering all the aspects of life benefiting good health, wealth, peace of mind, prosperity, foreign travels, happiness in personal and professional life, financial gains. 9. Prioritizing the gemstones according to current Mahadascha and Sub-periods providing the maximum benefits with Free Vedic gemstone recommendation. 10. Vedic Gemstone can also be worn according to the transit of the starts on individual. Followers of Vedic astrology, keep on shuffling gemstone according to opportunities.

Special Note: It has been observed that astrologers only recommends precious gemstones like: Ruby, Pearl, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Red Coral, Diamond, Hessonite and Cats Eye and avoid recommending semi-precious gemstone due to lack of knowledge in Vedic astrology as still their are more than 900 categories in semi-precious gemstones in which maximum are very cheaper in price having better results than precious gemstones in many cases.

Ask gemstone recommendation to our well-known Astrologer, Prashant Kapoor

who will not only care about the procedures and fundamentals given above but also properly consider the priority of getting the instant benefits of gemstones.

Note for Free Gemstone Consultation:

You can also avail Free Vedic Gemstone Recommendation providing your details in the form given on the home page of our website for one Free question. Please note free services are available only from Monday to Friday between 10:30 to 11:00 am depending on the availability of our experts. Our Vedic astrologer - Prashant Kapoor is going to help you during this free consultation time.

One can also access our online store for buying any kind of natural certified gemstones at wholesale prices.

Vedic Gemstone Recommendation and Healing Property

Responsibility doesn’t get over after giving the gemstone recommendation on someone’s chart. One should also be guided by the astrologer about the accurate procedure to be followed for purification of the particular or set of gemstones. Individual Vedic gemstone like if Ruby is recommended then the purification of this Vedic gemstone should be done on Sunday as per proper guidelines of Mantras to get the gemstone energized. For set of gemstones when used as a locket, Hora timing is considered the best for purifying this as it should be completed within a day or two. In such case, Vedic Mantras should be chanted after proper Vedic gemstone consultation for that particular gemstone in the Hora belongs to the corresponding star. For e.g. On Sunday first Hora would be of Sun till one hour from sunrise, similarly, other sets of Hora would be followed in series after every one hour.

What Gemstone should I wear?

There are different opinions when we talk about gemstone recommendation. As per the Ravana Samhita, one should always wear gemstone of ascendant’s lord, doesn’t matter even if it is placed in the malefic sixth, eighth and twelfth house. For example, if one has Jupiter in sixth house in Pisces ascendant. In other combinations like lord of fifth(house belong to education, child), ninth(luck, foreign travels) and tenth house(profession) or we say the lords of benefic houses. These are the basic combinations even recommended by various software. But again, software has limitations and it recommends only precious gemstones like Ruby, Pearl, Coral, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, White Sapphire, Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye, and Hessonite. This is not the exact way of gemstone recommendation as gemstones can also be recommended keeping the consideration of all the houses in mind, their degrees, Ashtavarga, Shatabala, Period, Sub Periods and Sub sub-periods of stars etc. This is called the ‘Vedic Gemstone Recommendation’ in actual as this is the way where experience astrologer can prescribe the usage of ‘semi-precious’ gemstones also which are more effective sometime if the chart is analysed well. Not only this but gemstone recommendation would also be prescribed as per the current starts in the zodiac when someone avail the ‘Year wise report’.

Will I get the correct gemstone recommendation information from here?

Gemstone recommendation is given as per the Vedic rules by our astrologers. It would be analysed on the basis of the Date of birth, time and birth place. Horary chart/Prashna Kundli is an alternate for the person not having accurate birth details. Gemstone recommendation is provided as per the current affairs, priorities of life rather than generalise things like recommendation of gemstone as standards practices, based on benefic planets and periods, sub periods. But in the case where free gemstone consultation is availed by the person who approaches for free gemstone consultation, only generic consultation is given rather than deep Vedic analysis due to paucity of time.

What Gem should I wear for resolving my marriage problem?

People who opt ‘Free Gemstone Recommendation’, astrologers generally recommend Yellow sapphire for females and White Sapphire or Diamond for males in case marriage delays. This kind of Free Gemstone consultation is simply given considering the simple fundamentals in astrology. Seventh house is considered the house of marriage. Similarly, the Significator of this house also affects this. Depending on the position of seventh lord with malefic or benefic planets and the aspects of other planets also influence marriage problems. Since Venus is the Significator of this house so generally white sapphire or diamond is recommended by astrologers to male. For females, yellow sapphire is recommended in general as Jupiter has a major role for female’s marriage. Our team of experts doesn’t believe in the general fundamentals given above rather proper ‘Vedic Gemstone Consultancy’ is given to people. This kind of gemstone consultation is completely different than ‘Free Gemstone Recommendation’ as lot of time is required to understand the root cause in someone’s chart if marriage gets delayed or disharmony in married life. It is necessary to analyse ‘Navamsa Chart’ and the degrees of planets before reaching to any conclusion. Gemstone recommendation is given in different way when charts are analysed of couples when marriage life is not going well.

What can I do for betterment of my career?

It is better to be a hard worker than completely relying on luck. Luck also matters but hard work has no substitute. No success can be gained without hard work in life. It has been seen in various charts that people do not get desired results in career even after doing lot of hard work. This gemstone recommendation help in such cases where small guidance by gem therapist can change their life. For example, Virgo ascendant females with Gemini sun signs are known to be very intellectual and multitasker but sometimes may get deprived of favorable planets due to various astrological combinations in different chart. In Such cases, not only gemstones consultation works but other Vedic remedies are equally required to strengthen their weak planets and get the desired results in their career. Jupiter is a significator of fifth house and this house belongs to education. Generally, gemstone recommendation by astrologer to person for wearing yellow Sapphire can improve their reading, remembering habits. On the other side, Mercury is a planet of intellectualness. Wearing Emerald, which is a gemstone of this planet, would increase the knowledge of an individual, increasing healthy communication and public influence.

Which stone should I consider wearing for my Wealth Problems?

Generally, in free online gemstone recommendation, astrologers recommend gemstones belong to yellow tinge like ‘Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Pearl, Rutile, Yellow Chalcedony etc for channelizing energy to increase to opportunities to make good amount of money. In Vedic astrology, wealth is of two types. One is paternal and the other one is earned by own struggle. Paternal wealth is seen from second house and the combinations, stars which influence this house. Similarly, eleventh house and Vedic astrological interpretation for this house is considered for self-made assets. While predicting about ‘Online Vedic Gemstone Recommendation in Vedic astrology’, astrologers should suggest gemstones which belong to these houses. One should calculate all the combinations and permutation like degrees of the stars, debilitation and exaltation, star placed in which Navamsa, belongs to these houses.

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