Rudraksha Mala-Rosary

 is mostly made with 5 mukhi Rudraksha beads and rarely made for different mukhi on special request. The Rudraksha Mala-Rosary is used since ancient time by Yogis for attainment of spiritual life. It was also used to attain siddhi by yogis. Rudraksha bead is a very special bead which represents Lord Shiva. This five mukhi bead is the most lovable bead of Lord Shiva.

Rudraksha mala/ rosary are traditionally used by the Hindus and Buddhist for enchanting special divine mantras. Rudraksha mala was worn by the yogis during ancient era for deep harmony and concentration in all their pooja and meditation. Rudraksha rosary is also used during meditation. the necklace which is made by the Rudraksha beads are very powerful and favorable.

The enchanting of Rudraksha Mala-Rosary is very helpful for meditation. It is also used to increase concentration power. It is however very important that you consecrate and energize the Rudraksha Rosary and the Rudraksha Beads in your name with vedic mantras to derive optimum benefits. But it is important that Rudraksha Rosary should be energized properly by the special Vedic mantras before enchanting the bead.

Astrokapoor energizes each Rudraksha Mala-Rosaries by special Vedic mantras by our Panditas and Acharyas under the ingenious guidance of Astrologer Prashant Kapoor before dispatching it to you.

Process of Energizing Rudraksha Bead  Shiva Mantra enchanted by Rudraksha Mala-Rosaries is best as propounded by ancient text and Vedic literature. It consists of 108+1 beads and each Rudraksha bead is energized by Shiva mantra“Om Namah Shivaya” All mantra of Lord Shiva is used by Astrokapoor for energizing Rudraksha rosaries.

A consecrated Rudraksha Mala has an enormous power. If you use it for meditation and mantra chanting, it should be energized properly.

Rudraksha is a very special bead produced from the eyes of Lord Shiva. While stinging the beads, we energized each and every bead with Shiva mantra and after that Rosary is washed with pure holy water by enchanting the Sadyojaat Mantra which is as follows

Mantra used for energizing Rudraksha Mala-Rosary Sadyojaat Mantra Om Sadyojaatam Prapadyaami Sadyojaatave Namo Namah. Bhave Bhave Naati Bhave Bhavaswamaam Bhavodbhavaay Namah

After completion of the above step, the sandalwood paste, Ashtgandha (mixture of eight fragrances) and Kesar, is applied while enchanting the Vaamdev Mantra.

Vaamdeva Mantra Om Vaamdevaay Namo Jyeshtthaay Shreshtthay Namo Rudraay Namah Kar Vilarannaay Namo Val Vikarannaay Namo. Valaay Namo Bal Prathamaay Namo Sarva Bhoot Damanaay Namo Manomanaay Namah .

Upon completion of the above described steps the Rudraksha Rosary becomes divine and appropriate for mantra chanting. All Rudra mantras and the mantras used for other purpose can be enchanted on this rosary. The Rudraksha rosary produces a divine vibration around you and blesses you with health, wealth, peace, prosperity and success. It also protects you from black magic and evil eye.

How to derive benefit of Rudraksha Mala-Rosary? Always keep separate Rudraksha Mala-Rosaries for mantra enchanting and wearing. Wear rosary for five minutes after chanting it, so that your body absorbs positive energy generated by the mantra. Always avoid keeping Rudraksha Rosaries on ground as it will become impure. Keep your Rosaries private and do not give it to your friends and relatives. If your Rosary becomes impure then wash it with holy water, then show incense and chant Shiva mantra “Om Namah Shivaya” 108 times before wearing or chanting.

If your Rudraksha rosary gets infested, then discard the rosary and immersed it in any natural water and river.