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Online Career Astrology Report

Career astrology report helps you to take a sneak into your career path. Everyone, whether a manager, a clerical staff, a teacher or a small vendor posses uncertainty about their career growth. People always leave in worry and fear about their job. Know the best time for investing in the business. The best period to change the current job? What will be the impact of the current decision on your career? Ask for AstroKapoor report which provides an update and will predict your future career opportunities. Know all the possibilities and future growth in your as interpreted by our Astro experts. Astro reports advice about the remedial measures to know the future possibilities in your life. Get our free online astrology report through our email service. Free career Astrology Reports generates report according to both the Vedic and the Western Astrology. This will help to analyze the complete detail about your work profile and further opportunity in your career life.

How Does Career Astrology Consultation help someone

Career astrology helps to understand the specific working traits followed by individual person. Each person exhibits different traits. Some of them may be good in finance; some may be good in managerial skills. This report helps to give convincing and accurate answers regarding this. We respond to different work and place. Some of us like to work in the city which we live, some of us get the opportunity to work abroad. Our response to the different career orientation is affected by the zodiac signs. Sun signs carry a very great role in the shaping of our personalities. The things which are enjoyed by one person are not enjoyed by everyone. This differential response is due to the different sun signs.

If you want to satisfy your curiosity and want to know about the future career prospect and growth then solve all your queries by the Online Career astrology report. AstroKapoor team of Astrology, Astrologers suggests unique remedies to solve difficult and chronic problems coming in the career front. Astrokapoor experts after analyzing the complete birth chart advices instant effective remedy to solve all your problems. It solves all the worries, tensions, troubles and upcoming dangers without harming any other aspect of life. These remedies are self-defensive and ward off the evils created by the malefic effect of any planets.

Certain planet makes a person inclined towards particular profession. Exalted Jupiter – It makes a person, a man of letters, educated, scholar, preacher and teacher. Exalted Sun – King, emperor, controlling and dominating all, writing, audit and accounts. Exalted Moon – Prince of whales, writer, doctor, mathematician, industrialist, businessman and astrologer. Exalted Mars – The commander in chief, General of the Army or police officer, Managing director and Head of any organization. Exalted Venus – Jeweler, trader, fond of music, poetry and beautiful women, agriculturist, and householder of any kind Exalted Saturn – Engineer, railway, timber merchant, builder, iron merchant, landlord, and head of the panchayat Exalted Rahu – In charge of jails, police network. Exalted Ketu – In charge of tourism, travels and transfers.

Caution – These are only the general information as concluded by the astrologers. The detailed analysis of the profession through astrology can only be predicted by the date of birth and horoscope.

Our Astro experts suggest certain remedies, gems therapy, pooja and Yagya to propitiate a particular planet (which could be done by us by a request to perform puja on your behalf).

What Career Astrology Report 2023 will give you?

Career Astrology Report 2023 is a specialized service which helps one to get the answers to all the questions of their career and future progress in career. Career report 2023 helps to denote the future path and progress in the career because a wrong career choice can hamper the future selection of career. Career Horoscope 2023 by Moon signs denotes the possibility of career due to the position of Moon and Career Horoscope 2023 by date of birth and time stresses on the time and complete date of birth of a person.

Importance of Vedic Career Astrology Report 2023 and Counseling

Career counseling is a process that will help you to analyse and understand your choice and need to adapt certain career choice. Career counseling report 2023 will involves scientific attitude that may help one to get through the right choice of their path. After 10th examination, students are in dilemma whether to take profession of their choice or their parents’ choice. Now days there are lot of professional courses which makes one confused about right choice of their career. In the career report 2023 complete analysis of the horoscope is first and the foremost step of profession planning because it is proved that position of planets in a horoscope plays a major role in career planning. How it is known? You must have noticed that some children love to study math and some are good in arts and literature. This is due to the position of planets and the benefic planets in the career house i.e. 10th house. Tenth house determines career and profession. But apart from 10th house, ascendant Lord also plays a very vital role in shaping personality and profession of a person. As for example, we can find good writers, if Saturn is placed in the third house and a benefic Mars makes one excellent surgeon.

Career Astrology Report 2023 Counseling might help the students and their parents to know the pros and cons of the different streams, courses and educational options and their professional path. Choosing a profession that matches one aptitude and interests can help to achieve good and strong professional field. This report helps students to choose a field that is in tune with their skills and their aptitude. Thus, with the help of career report 2023, most candidates can get correct choice and would end up choosing the right career, and perform their level best, which ultimately help them to succeed.

Why Career Astrology Report / Counseling Report 2023 is Important?

Career Astrology/Counseling Report 2023 is important because it helps students to get rid of indecisive tendencies. It is difficult for both parents and students to get exact choice, therefore proper counseling 2023 helps one to define their career properly without any doubt. Career counseling 2023 helps to choose a particular career goal and planning, giving an accurate direction to the career. Through astrology report 2023, an analysis can be done both by the students and by the parents to know appropriate choice of their wards.

Mysterious Role of Planets in Career Astrology Report 2023

Career astrology report 2023 analyses the mysterious role of planet in shaping one’s career and aptitude choice. The Moon positive makes one responsible, popular, sincere, reliable, and imaginative. In the negative side of the Moon, the native becomes short tempered, submissive to women, unfortunate, restless, disappointed and neglected too. Influence of house and planets in horoscope In Vedic astrology, we assess career by blending the influences of key houses and planets. The most important houses we analyse are first house of lagna. If we analyse only one house before making a judgement, this would be lagna. The first house represents the person as a whole, first house indicates the “I”, means complete personality of a person which also shapes the profession of a person.

Career by Zodiac Sign

Aries: - Army, Police, surgeon, mechanics, iron and steel, and fire fighter. Taurus: - Luxury good, jewellery, cosmetics, music, actors and banking tailors. Gemini: - Accountants, media and journalism, representatives, translator, writers. Cancer: - Naval and marine, nursing, interiors design and food and petroleum Leo: - Government Job, religions and diplomacy. Virgo: - Computing, accounting, doctors and healing. Libra: - Judge, artists, receptionists, advertising, interiors and decorating. Scorpio: - Chemicals, liquid, athletes, clothing and shoes. Sagittarius: - Law, banking, religion. Capricorn: - Lumber and mining and mineral extraction Aquarius: - Advisors, philosophers, astrologers and engineer. Pisces: - Doctors, oil painting, hospitals and prisons.

Planets and Its Role in Shaping a Career

Career report 2023 indicates the profession one can adopt which might be fruitful in the long run. Planets play a very important role in shaping one’s career as for example Mercury indicates writing and when strong Mercury is in the third house career in writing is indicated. Professors and teachers are seen from the position of Jupiter in the horoscope. If a person is writer, his writing will get associated with Saturn in the third house. Ketu and Rahu aspect by a benefic gives glamour and struggle for it. Mars indicates courage and its relationship with the third house can give career in police and defense.

Astrokapoor’s Career Report

We have panel of astrologers analyzing the career report properly for better and refined profession. Our career report 2023 consists of: -Astrological details of the kundli -Your progressive career chart -Accurate remedies for career -Year 2023 career in a nutshell -Career from your horoscope

Our chief astrologers, Mr. Vipin Kapoor and Mr. Parshant Kapoor analyses each and every aspect of your horoscope to give complete guidance in your career path. Planets associated with career and profession is taken into consideration and proper remedies are also mentioned for coming up with the career scarcity. Gemstones remedy and Lal Kitab remedies are also prescribed for the betterment of career. It is always good to get correct guidance in place of fluctuating decision regarding profession. Career report 2023 consists of answers to all your questions and helps one to get proper direction for career and profession.

Free Online Career Astrology Consultation

Above all mentioned particulars about the career and the role of career astrology, we can still find a way to get at least little direction about our career. We at Astrokapoor always find solutions for our clientele. For your satisfaction before taking our career astrology service, you can also avail our free online career astrology services. Our service helps one to act according to their choice. This is just a small hint which would help you to get directions to your directionless career. Free career astrology report can help you to analyze, think and act according to your choice.

After you avail our free one question career astrology report, you can get detailed analysis of your career path and choice. In our report we analyse the position of planets in your horoscope as with such questions-

  • Which beneficial planet is placed in your ascendant?
  • What is the position of your ascendant lord?
  • What is the position of Mercury and Sun in the horoscope?
  • Where is the placement of Moon in your horoscope?
  • Is there any malefic planet in your career house?
  • Major period you’re passing by.

These questions are the basic points which are considered for analyzing the career of a child. This online free career astrology consultation would help one to get one time answer to the confusion about their career. Free guidance would help to get a small sigh about your career graph and after that you can opt for your detailed career analysis report for your children. This report acts as a torch bearer which could give you atleast small sneak about your career planning and objective. With detailed career astrology report, you can avail complete benefit of your career by our expert Astrologer Prashant Kapoor.

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