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Graphological Analysis

Graphology or Handwriting Analysis is another branch of occult science which helps in understanding one’s personality, desire and other characteristics. It is known that our signature is the mirror to our personality, it depicts person nature, habits and behaviour. Our expert in Astrokapoor identifies several personality traits in a single page of a handwritten letter.

Benefits of Graphological Analysis for Bollywood

One’s handwriting reveals a lot about one’s nature and temperament. The various parameters considered are alignment/direction of words, size of letter, dark or light, curved or slant, incorporation of comma, full stop, dot on top of alphabets ‘i’, ‘j’ etc., proper striking of ‘t’, space between the loop of ‘l’, ‘e’ etc. All these together help in analyzing, one’s nature, interests, desire, creativity, level of intelligence, confidence, ambition, practical/emotional, critical/simple, determined, decisive/indecisive, honest, introvert/extrovert, constructive/destructive, double faced etc. It is known that our name, signature and handwriting have a significant role on our success. Hence our experts provides proper analyses and wherever requires suggests minute changes in signature so as to bring about the best fortune in our life.

This consultation will be given by Dr. Satarupa Kapoor

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