Mental Health Counselling

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Mental Health Counselling

We all face challenges throughout our lives which eventually need to be handled by mental strength rather than physical. Counselling plays an important role in depicting and guiding through the problems. A counsellor addresses the concerns with quality care, and enable clients learn how to make informed and healthy decisions about their relationships, themselves, and their futures.


Counselling offers guidance to couples, individuals, families and groups who are dealing with issues that affect their mental health and well-being. The main aim is to approach people holistically, which empowers and encourages their strengths.

When people feel stuck, the counsellor supports them accept their frustrations and develop self-reliance to deal with it. This is based on the notion that people struggle towards progress and counselling enable people accept themselves, without judging, think, feel and act differently.

You can select the professional during taking the service you would like to have a consultation from either Akanksha Srivastava or Prashant Kapoor

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