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Palmistry or Palm Reading is a very old science, which studies the various lines present in our palm. It is practiced all over the world and its roots have been found in Indian Astrology. The objective of palm reading is to evaluate the person’s characteristics and nature, relationships, life, luck, children, career.

Each line on the hand describes our nature, our childhood, our marriage, our kids and our profession. The lines that run on our palm, our mount of the hand, fingers, and thumbs each one of them represents a specific character of a person.

Palm Reading Astrology By Experts

Astrology Palm reading is an important part of our astrology consultation services. Right-hand palm describes different characteristics and left-hand palm defines different characteristics of a person. It is known that the left hand is our future and right hand in our present work. However, a skilled and experienced palm reader considers the findings of both the palm before giving any final solution.

What Your Hand Tells - Ask Our Experts of Palm Readers

Your right-hand tells who you are and how you represent yourself in front of the outer world. Your left hand describes everything i.e. you came into this world and your birth and death/life span. The human hand is divided into three main sections, which are fingers, mounts below the fingers and palm. Each section of the hands depicts its own qualities.

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The first part of the hand is the fingers that show the connection with the mind and the higher self. The middle part of the hand denotes the day-to-day life activities and our subconscious level. The lower part of a palm describes our consciousness and other characteristics. Our thumb and fingers say a lot about us, a thumb is divided into three phalanges.

The tip of the thumb represents our will power and if our thumb is club-shaped it represents criminal bent of mind. The part of the thumb, which is called phalanges, represents our logical capacity.

These were a brief description of the part of the palmistry but an expert can only assess the detailed analysis of this science. Astrologer Prashant Kapoor is one of the best palm reading experts who has analyzed more than 16,000 palms until now and has provided solutions for the same.


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Palm reading also helps to find out the correct time of marriage, suitable career, profession, education, and progeny. The lines that are present in the hands describing our whole life cycle are:

  1. Line of marriage
  2. Line of life
  3. Headline
  4. Childline
  5. Wealth line
  6. Career line
  7. Heartline

Apart from the above, there are other minute lines and diagrams found in our hands in the form of a cross, triangle, islands, lotus, and shape of a fish, chain, and circle that denotes various situations and future events of our life. The imminent sign found on the mount of Jupiter is across. It denotes a marvelous and life of a king size.

Palm Reading and Marriage

The palm reading helps to find out the love affair and marriage prospect in future. Along a deep marriage line nearer to the heart line denotes an early sexual attachment either in the form of marriage or an affair. A single, long marriage line shows one affection and everlasting relationship with the spouse.

Palm Reading and Children

Palm reading can also be a blessing for the childless couples. The children lines are present above the marriage lines vertically and on the mount of Mercury. An expert can analyse how many children are in your destiny. If any hurdles found in the progeny, it can be cured by the proper use of gemstones and horoscope analysis.

Palm Reading and Fate Line

Like the name, a fate line represents the fate of a person. A fate line is a straight line starting from the lower palm in an upward direction. If the course of a fate line is regular and without any break then it denotes a shining destiny while a break, cross, chained fate line, and an island in a fate line can be alarming for the future life.

In a similar way, each line of the hand has its own significant and there is a completely separate reading of each line of the hand, color of the palm, signs found on the mounts of the palm, and various small lines on the palm. It is necessary that palm should be read properly for perfect findings and solutions.


Indian Ancient Way of Future Prediction – Palm Reading

Palmistry is a beneficial outcome of our ancient’s astrologer knowledge that is more proficient and skilled. Palm reading specialists astrologer can give exact solutions to the problems along with various permutations and combinations because each portion of our hand is represented by the 9 major planets. If you consult a palm reader who is also an astrologer then he can also judge the effect of the 9 planets in your palms.
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