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Black magic is traditionally referred to as a use of supernatural power or magic which issued to cause harm for an evil and selfish purpose. Black magic is also called as Tona, Totka, Vodoo and Kali kitaab, which is performed to increase negative energies used to cause harm due to selfish purpose. It is used for a destructive purpose. Black magic can be very harmful for the person on which it is performed. It can be also called as the negative side of energy cycle.

From the time immemorial, black magic is used to harm positive vibes and dominate evil power to make a person life miserable and troublesome.

We at AstroKapoor handle the misbalanced of aura caused by black magic in a very scientific, systematic and logical way. Black magic disturbs aura of a person, so we at astrokapoor group use extensive research which enhances aura cleaning, distance healing system, chakra analysis, empowerment method and mind power technique for removing Black Magic negative effect. We help our client to strengthen their spiritual shield to counteract negative energy.

Signs Of Black Magic

It is very difficult to find whether you are suffering from black magic vibes. But there is certain extreme condition, which indicates performance of black magic on a person.

Continuous failure in all the undertakings of your life Sudden unnatural deaths in the family. Continuous illness in the family Loss in the business and property Discord and quarrelsome situation in the family| Strained relationship among the family members Greatest efforts which result in failure Suicidal tendency, No desire to live, Depression and no desire to rise in life Lack of money, failure to achieve monetary gains Hurdles in the construction of house, factory, shops and any business venture Repeated miscarriage, abortions and failure to achieve pregnancy Psychological disorders, mental illness, constant worries and desire to leave family and home Continuous and repeated illness in the family, despite of best treatment and medication Lack of favors in job and education despite of hard effort How we diagnose Black magic Deep vacuum aura of energy is found in a person suffering from black magic effect, highly depleted chakra is also found in this condition.

Black magic makes the surroundings completely negative. Sometimes it has been found that house or buildings are highly enveloped with aura of negative energy in which people are living with black magic effect. In the industrial and commercial building acute financial loss was observed.T hese effects were observed due to Vaastu defect and we try to improve this defect.

Method to remove black magic effect

We are highly specialized in removing this negative effect from your life. We use aura cleaning, enrichment technique, proper vastu, chakra analysis and distance healing system to remove the black magic effect. “Reiki” and “Pranik” healing is a very old science. We also use both of these methods to remove negative vibes from your life. Careful and proper evaluation is done by our experts to diagnose the type of black magic effect and further steps are taken to counteract its ill effects.

Why AstroKapoor - What we not do

We are into spiritual healing. We never indulge ourselves in any negative practice. We believe in metaphysical healing and spiritual attainment. It’s a request from us that please don’t try ever to approach us for any negative and harmful practice against anyone. We are also not into Vashikaran melodrama.

AstroKapoor group works for the well being and metaphysical healing of our client. We work best for the attainment of happiness, peace, and prosperity in your life.

Blackmagic removal procedure is prepared by Astrokapoor using the mixture of around 135 herbs and finally, send to client after healing with the Vedic mantras

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