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Bhagvad Gita is a concise and sacred guide to Hindu theology. It is a self- contained and practical guide to life. It summarizes teachings of Upanishads and Vedanta. Lord Krishna has stated that knowledge of Yoga contained in Gita was first given to the mankind Gita is considered essence of all philosophies

Benefit of Bhagvad Gita Yagya: As the texts of Gita are solemnized by Lord Krishna, this Yagya provides enormous spiritual and divine benefit to the person, who performs this Yagya. The benefits of this Yagna can only be felt by the Yajmaan (the person, who sponsors the Yagya). This Yagya is very powerful to liberate one form cycle of birth, death, rebirth and Moksha.

We at AstroKapoor have special Purohits and Acharaya’s, who perform this Yagya. It is strongly recommended to perform this Yagya after death of your beloved one, so that their soul takes rest in ultimate peace. Our special Panditas and Aacharayas, who is working under the ingenious guidance of Astrologer Prashant Kapoor, are specialized in performing Bhagvad Gita Yagya.

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