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Employees are the most precious resource of any organization. We do the scrutiny of the natal charts/birth charts of employee who is going to play a crucial role in company’s overall growth. After going through the birth details of any person, astrologers analyse whether employee is going to stay with the company and will serve his tenure faithfully, if he/she has the potential do value add in company’s success. This study also helps to know he is simply corporate steeplechaser; or he is dedicated and capable. Not only inelegancy and domain expertise requires to become a good employee, softskills are as important as one’s intellectual ability. Hence our experts also check person to person character traits such as if the employee is honest, loyal, secretive, gives value to others, mannered, ability of team building, managerial capabilities, confidences, logical etc.

Astrokapoor group of astrologers have been recommended for their corporate employee scan report and have been appreciated our analysis which are very realistic and dependable. Our main corporate astrologer Prashant Kappor having a vast corporate experience recommends availing this facility which facilitates a company/organization in making a long term planning, especially when company is dependant on a particular individual for particular role; or when decided to place a person in a particular key role and responsibility which will be one of the factor to determine company’s ultimate success.

Companies who wish to know more about this astrological service ‘corporate employee scan through corporate astrology’ offered by AstroKapoor group for Corporate Astrology may contact at info@astrokapoor.comConsultation fee for this service ‘Corporate Employee Scan through Corporate Astrology’ report. a. 100 USD individual case. b. 35000 USD up to five hundred employees scan as yearly package. Note* Additional charges will be applicable as number of employee increases.

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