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Delivery Time: 5 Days Child Birth Time Selection Solution: Astro Consultation will be given by Vedic Astrologer Prashant Kapoor Child Birth Time Selection Report: Report will be mailed separately with auspicious dates and time.

As per the high rate of C-Section births of child we provide the most auspicious timing for your child, which you can reserve with your expert doctor, birth in terms of good luck, health, prosperity, wealth, fortune, family harmony and general well being for both the child and the family.

This birth time selection report(auspicious date and time will be shared) will be prepared as per the current planetary positions of the stars and the birth details of the parents following the ancient Vedic concepts of Vedic Astrology.

Input required for providing this Child Birth Time Selection service. Please provide the complete birth details for both the parents (Date of birth, Time & Birth Place) and preferred consultation time.

Please Note: Incase of unavailability of birth details one can mention the current time while filling the form including present location. In such special cases, all the astrological calculations and solutions will be provided with the help of Prasna Kundli/Horary Astrology.

Importance of Vedic Astrology In Birth Time Selection

Astrology has captivated the lives of many and the role of Vedic astrology in birth time selection can’t be denied. Birth Time is utmost important that shapes our lives. We have noticed, people born in the same date, time and place of birth are completely different from each other. Their destinies are different from each other with completely different tastes of life. Their area of interest and choice is also different. Educational background, life partner match, reaction level, I.Q level and E.Q level is are completely apart from each other. This is the effect of planets on certain date and time.

Birth time selection is a very specialized service which you can avail for your child. This service helps you to select time which is favorable according to the stars, planets, nakshatras and various other permutations and combinations.

Why Birth Time Selection Is Important?

As far as the question of birth time is concerned, it is like a boon for new parents. Why? It has been found that a man of a tarnished image is born on the same date as man of popularity. Here the planets play their role. The same date and year of a person vary a lot due to various permutations and combination of planets at certain time. The transition phase, role of nakshatras and changing ascendant lord, change of beneficial planets and change of malefic planets in a birth chart are key determiners in shaping a person's fortune. Vedic astrology birth chart helps a lot to determine the future of life and destiny circle.

Cesarean Birth Day and Time Selection by Astrologer

Cesarean Birth Day and Time Selection by Astrologer- Worry of parents is a fact about the delivery of a child. Whether baby will be born as a Cesarean or normal? Nowadays people generally choose C-section delivery. Usually, doctors’ advice parents before about the C-section and also tells them the date of birth very early, and parents also eagerly expect the day and time. But parents are usually very upset about whether the child is born normal or cesarean. Nowadays there is a stress on C-section delivery. When doctors declare the possible date of child birth, then the parent has a problem which day and time will be selected.

If you have a certain doubt with your child birth time selection, you can consult an expert Vedic astrologer. In reality, only an expert astrologer can solve this problem. An expert astrologer chooses the auspicious time, auspicious date by analyzing various permutations and combinations of planets, its place in benefic house, placement of Rahu and Ketu and Saturn on certain date and time, its composition, aspects and different type of Varga like D9, D10, and D7 chart.

Why need Astrologer for Cesarean Birth

Suppose, your doctor has predicted birth time of your child as 14th January and 15th January and for some medical reason you have to choose cesarean birth, now depending upon the time you will choose, in such time the role of astrologer becomes very important.

Astrologers can help you to decide the child birth between 14th January to 15th January and they can also predict medical reason for choosing the cesarean birth, now it depends on you, the time you will choose. Astrologers analyse the nakshatra, auspicious day, date, ascendant, sign and movement in the celestial. They can also provide you the date and time (between 10 to 20 minutes) frame during this period the doctor can perform the operation and can take out the new baby.

The astrologers also check the above various permutations and combinations for Birth Time Selection including dasha system on the particular movement of the day and time.

Suppose a girl child birth chart has debilitated Moon placed in the 8th house with Rahu, as a result, the native child birth should be in “Arishta Matibhramana Yoga”, means such child will suffer from mental disorders but if astrologer changes the ascendant by skipping the concerned time, then the person can escape from birth in this yoga. This is the very important role of Astrologer and role of Vedic Astrology in Birth Time Selection.

Birth Time Selection Astrology

In the content of birth time selection astrology, our expert astrologer will guide you for appropriate time for your child birth. Our expert astrologer generates natal chart and birth moon chart for your child so that a complete picture of your child birth can be framed. The birth time selection report consists of

  • Complete analysis of date range prepared by you.
  • Analysis of date range prepared by your doctor.
  • Choosing suitable time among the favorable time.
  • Conclusion with the list of date and time chosen and arranging them in order of preference.

Free Birth Time Selection Report. Is it Authentic?

Living in the online world is really cumbersome. Every day we face many challenges; due to various false information on the news. In astrology also, there are various apps and which predict your fortune, career, marriage etc. You may also find free birth time selection app or astrology calculator. In this regard please be careful because Birth Time Selection or any other astrological services takes lot of time and detailed study. It is not a joke to predict free birth time selection report.

Essence of Rectification of Birth Time Selection Report

If an astrologer who knows your birth details predict about your character, inclinations, priorities, and important events, then there may be a reverse procedure: having information about the person, we can define the time of birth when horoscope most closely matches the available data and only an experienced astrologer can perform this procedure correctly. Any computerized rectification is a dummy in front of original and reliable information. If you are aware of astrological science, then you must know the extreme research and study for the findings of answers to certain questions. Therefore, it is advised to stay away from the free online birth time calculation report.

How to go about this report?

To use this service simply fill the Birth Time Selection form and please provide the date, time and place of the expecting parents as well as few other details required by our astrologers. After we get your detail data, our expert astrologer tries to get lucky day for your child for initiation of birth time. This service is like a boon for new parents because the future and the destiny of the child can be landed on a beautiful platform by delivering the child on appropriate date, best ascendant, nakshatra lord, transition phase and placement of rahu and ketu during time of birth.

[kad_youtube url="https://youtu.be/sOUgx_ViUgs" ]Please Note: This service will be provided to those couples to whom the doctor has suggested opting for a cesarean due to health requirements. On the personal front, Prashant Kapoor doesn't suggest proceeding with this service. Let nature do its job.
Astrological Guidelines for calculating and selection of the best auspicious timing:
It's not possible to calculate an auspicious timing which would be a hundred percent obstacle-free and addresses harmony in every aspect, such as very long life, good health, significant wealth & money, happy love life, long life of parents wellness, etc.  To obtain maximum balance there are few fundamentals that are supposed to be applied during the selection of cesarean birth time to achieve Rajyogas, peace of mind, happiness, education, stability, spirituality, ethics, good career, wealth, sports, foreign travels, etc.Life span in which no major Markesha's should prevail before 55-65 age. Consideration to 6th house for healthy physic and high immune system. Balarishta yoga should be avoided. Gand-Moola Nakshatras should be avoided. Ascendant should not befall under enemy Nakshatra No affliction should be on the ascendant also lord of ascendant should fall in friends's place and significator of the first house which is Sun should be in a very good position for gaining personality, fame, etc. Moon indicates will power so separate chart should be prepared and the strength of Moon to be checked. First Mahadasha should be fallen in ascendant's lord's friend. Falling benefic planets in Kendra's and malefic in Trishadhay places. The importance of Rajyoga should be given in Trine houses instead of Quadrants rather 9th house should be a preference for best Rajyoga. Diwabali, Ratribali sign fundamentals should be taken care of. Ascendant of D9 chart should fall which is the most strong house in D1 chart. Maximum Vargotam planets should be fallen in D9 chart.Please note: Three to four auspicious timing would be given each with a duration of two hours in this service. Number 1. Ten thousand fees would an additional fee if D9 chart timing is required since at a deeper level calculation needs to be carried out as this time is valid for only 18 minutes. Here Three timings would be provided.Number 2. One Lakh Twenty Thousand  fees would be extra for the exact time, as in when the newborn will be separated from the mother, cutting the umbilical cord. Total Two-timings will be given under this service.

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