Guru (Jupiter) Yagya



Astrologically, Lord Guru (Jupiter) signifies wealth, wisdom, philosophy, children, higher education, religion, banks and insurance. Guru (Jupiter) Yagya is very effective for attainment of health, wealth, growth, wisdom and prosperity. This Yagya is considered excellent for growth in one’s life as Jupiter itself denotes growth and expansion. The person who wants to increases these aspects of his/her life can opt for Guru (Jupiter) Yagya. Guru (Jupiter) Yagya is also very effective to remove physical ailments like obesity, liver and gall bladder problems, diabetes and pancreas problem.

AstroKapoor suggests this Yagya as a shield to protect you from physical diseases. Person born in Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant can be benefitted a lot by performing this Yagya. Guru (Jupiter) Yagya is highly recommended for the persons, who are passing through adverse Dasa/Transit of Lord Guru (Jupiter).

AstroKapoor conducts this Yagya with Vedic Mantras along with potent mantras for Guru from Vedas. Our special Panditas and Aacharayas, who are working under the ingenious guidance of Astrologer Prashant Kapoor, perform this Yagya. This Yagya is highly beneficial for people who are working in financial institutions, in the profession of insurance handling, and religious matters.

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