Family Astrology



Delivery Time: 5 Days
Family Astrology Readings: Astro Consultation/readings will be given by Vedic Astrologer-Prashant Kapoor
Solution-Remedies: Solutions will be mailed separately on Request

How to Proceed for Family Astrology:

Providing one time astrological readings providing yearly prediction with solution for parents and children covering all Health, wealth, career, education, and guidance on various aspects, Finance, Business, Job, foreign travels, business, love and marriages, obstacles, investments, house constructions etc including the astrological solutions-remedies if any problem being forecasted.

Astrologically all kind of aspects of life and guidelines will be covered in this astrological solutions covering all the current and yearly transit of stars of the current year. Horoscopes can be randomly discussed as a telephonic discussion in between considering free Astro discussion in this yearly package for sudden urgent astrological aspects in the life.

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