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Delivery Time - 7 Working Days Consultation for Azoospermia Treatment - Astro Talk with Medical Astrologer - Prashant Kapoor Medical Astrology Solutions: Will be mailed separately combined solutions of ‘Ayurvedic and Medical Astrology’ Treatment

How We Cure Azoospermia with the help of Medical Astrology and Ayurveda?

We AstroKapoor have the Ayurvedic remedies/treatments for this male infertility, this ayurvedic medicine increases the rate of live sperms in semen from even zero(nil sperms) to 80 million and above within the duration of 60 days. The concept behind this solution is to revive the body completely.

Input required for providing this service. Please provide your complete birth details (Date of birth, Time & Birth Place), and preferred consultation time. Also please send your latest medical reports which will be asked separately at the time of case study and can be sent through mail. Please note Incase of unavailability of birth details one can mention the current time while filling the form including present location. In such special cases, all the astrological calculations and solutions will be provided with the help of Prasna Kundli/Horary Astrology.

Why these Inputs (Birth Details) required treating Azoospermia problems in Medical Astrology:

This is a very old Vedic science where we analyze the horoscope of the person and try to find out the root cause of the problem considering the planetary position of both birth and current transit of the stars. Horoscope study help panel of astrologers, Ayurveda experts of AstroKapoor team to provide the required solution for an individual which will be completely unique in every case.

What is Azoospermia In Medical Astrology

Azoospermia is a deficiency where there are no live sperms in men’s ejaculation. It means where men are incapable of having his own children. Even in medical science Azoospermia has no cure. Neither it can be treated using Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy. But in Medical Astrology we do have treatment for nil sperms.

Now now the question is how this nil sperms problem can be cured using medical astrology. This Vedic science helps finding the root cause of the problem on the basis of a few planetary combinations in the horoscope which are responsible for such disorder. For e.g. Planetary combinations in ascendant, 5th 7th and 8th house needs to be analyzed to diagnose this problem. Also main key planets which are responsible for the same is Venus and Mercury. Association of these planets with malefic planets and their combinations with inimical houses give rise to this deficiency.

Planetary Yogas which are responsible for causing Azoospermia

a. If Ketu is aspected in Karkansh Horoscope by Saturn and Mercury. b. Debilitated Saturn in sixth or twelfth house. c. Placement of Venus and Saturn in 3rd or 11th house. d. If seventh lord is placed in movable sign and aspected by female planets (Saturn and Mercury). e. Both the couples get suffered with Azoospermia and similar kind of disorders to male’s partner if sixth lord is placed in Mercury’s ascendant and ascendant lord is also placed in its own houses. f. Placement of Venus with Saturn in tenth house. g. Conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Saturn. h. Venus’s placement in Capricorn sign. i. Ninth lord is placed in eighth house. j. Both sixth lord and mercury is placed with Rahu and has association with ascendant. k. Saturn is placed in sixth or twelfth from Venus. l. Mars’s aspect on Mercury placed in Leo sign. m. Malefic planet is being the lord of seventh house is placed in ninth house. n. Twelfth lord is placed in ascendant. o. Conjunction of Venus and Saturn in eighth house and deprived of from any association or aspect of benefic planets. p. Saturn is placed in enemy’s house and is placed twelfth from Venus. q. If Mercury is placed in Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn or Aquarian ascendant and aspected by Saturn.Past life connection: It has also been observed that the native who suffers from azoospermia is cursed by either of ‘Nag Hatya Dosha, Pitri Dosha, Matri Dosha, Eunuch Hatya Dosha etc. During chart analysis, these curses are considered from chart and remedial measures are shared for rectification.

What kind of Solutions do we recommend for treating Azoospermia(nil sperms) in Medical Astrology?

For curing Azoospermia Any of Color Therapy, Gems Therapy, Rudraksha Therapy, live coaching, Yoga, Power Yoga, diet chart, Yagya Therapy, Traditional Remedies, Donations or Ayurvedic Treatment depending on the case to case.

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