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Huntington’s Chorea Treatment In Medical Astrology Inage


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Huntington’s chorea Treatment In Ayurveda

Huntington’s Chorea disease is an inherited disease and it causes progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain. It has a broad impact on the person’s functional abilities and results in movement, thinking and psychiatric disorders too. Most people don’t develop signs and symptoms in their 30s and 40s but the disease may emerge earlier or later in life. When the symptoms of Huntington’s chorea develop before 20 years of age, it is called juvenile Huntington’s disease. The earlier emergence of disease also results in different set of symptoms and faster disease progression.

Medications are available to help and manage the symptoms of Huntington’s Chorea disease. But sometimes, medications don’t work and. In such case, the analysis of medical astrology comes into play. Medical astrology treatment of Huntington’s chorea includes the complete analysis of the birth chart of the person, the complete position of the planets and the major and minor period operating on. The association of medical astrology and ayurvedic treatment helps to treat the diseases completely. Ayurvedic treatment of Huntington’s chorea helps to remove the symptoms of disease.


Huntington’s disease shows various symptoms such as cognitive and psychiatric disorders with a wide spectrum of signs and symptoms. The variety of symptoms depends among the affected people. During the course of the disease, there are some disorders are more dominant or have a greater effect on functional ability.

Movement disorders is associated with Huntington’s disease and it includes both voluntary and involuntary movements such as jerking, slow or abnormal eye movements, impaired gait or posture and difficulty with the physical production of speech or swallowing.

Impairments in voluntary movements involve greater impacts on a person’s ability to work, performing daily activities, and communication to remain independent

Cognitive disorders involve the difficulty in organizing, prioritizing and focusing tasks is also a symptom of Huntington's Chorea.  It also shows the lack of flexibility or the tendency to get stuck on a thought. It also shows the lack of impulse control which can result in outburst and acting without thinking and sexual proximity.

Difficulty in learning new information is also associated with this disease. Depression occurs due to the injury to the brain and changes in brain function. It includes fatigue and loss of energy, frequent thoughts of death or suicide.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Huntington's Chorea

There is no proper cure for Huntington’s Chorea disease but Ayurveda has deep rooted secrets for this disease. It helps to manage the symptoms associated with this disease. The herbs of Ayurveda act as a boon for the person suffering from Huntington’s chorea. Some experts believe that beginning of this disease can be treated by the use of antipsychotic drug such as tetrabenazine. But this drug is not good for long term benefit and may hamper the health of the person. So the use of Ayurveda in the treatment of Huntington’s chorea can help to combat the long term effect of this disease.

Ayurveda drugs are very powerful and this helps to remove the long term effect of disease. They give wide action to all the parts of the body. It helps in the treatment of Huntington's Chorea disease.

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