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Online Hand Reading for Bollywood

As described above Palmistry is another branch of divine science, which involves a complete study of palm-prints to get an idea of the future happenings in a person’s life. Palmistry is an ultimate alternative for those people who do not have their exact date and time of birth. Palm is considered as a mirror of an individual’s personality and it discloses the basic aspects of one’s past and future. Our expert palmist guides on the purpose as well as the path of one’s life analyzing the palms.

Benefits of Online Hand Reading for Bollywood

In these busy life many of us cannot visit a palmist for recommendation especially people working in glamorous industry such as Bollywood, Cricket, Fashion and shows and even in politics, for them we recommend to send a print / scanned print of the plam (both hands) for availing palmistry services, if required, video call through available technology can also be adopted (based on individual’s comfort level). Palm reading or analysis of hand is mainly based on fate line, life line, head line, heart line, mounts as well as finger prints, nail shape, hand shape, colour of the skin, and other symbols such as cross mark, triangle, star, dot, bifurcation of lines, diamond, fish like shape etc.

Mr Prashant Kapoor and other experts in Astrokapoor having experience more than couple of decade, has read and analyzed the hands of famous person including actors, directors, singers, producers, music directors, businessmen, cricketers, politicians etc and has offered accurate prediction and correct guidance for the best achievement of success, health and peace in life.

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