Navagraha Yagya


Navgraha means nine Grahas (Planets). Navagraha Yagya is performed for all the Nine Grahas (planets) There are only five of the nine Navgraha Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus. The Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu are not Grahas (Planets), Sun and Moon are star and Rahu and Ketu are the two nodes of the celestial body. Navgraha Yagya is performed to please all the nine planets (Grahas).According to Indian astrology; these Grahas control our destiny and events of our life. Their positions are determined by our past karma and it exerts influence on our life.

Benefit of Navgraha Yagya- Navgraha Yagya is performed to appease all the nine Grahas, and to remove malefic effect of all the five planets that comes under nine planets. It removes any hindrance and obstacle due to these Grahas.

We at AstroKapoor perform this Yagya after going through your birth details or the nature of problems being faced by you. Our special Panditas and Aacharayas, who are working under the ingenious guidance of Astrologer Prashant Kapoor, perform this Yagya.

Navgraha Yagya can be performed collectively for all Grahas or Specific planet as mentioned below.
Budh/Mercury Yagya- For Success
Chandra Yagya/Moon- For clear mind and success
Ketu Yagya-For Prosperity at home
Angaraka/ Mars Yagya- For inauspicious Mars
Rahu Yagya- For order in life
Shani/Saturn Yagya-For Saturn happiness and vairagya
Shukra/Venus Yagya- For marriage and love
Surya/Sun Yagya- For success in life
Guru/Jupiter Yagya- For success, growth and well being

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