Free Astrology Consultation


Free Astrology Consultation: Astrology Consultation On Phone is a service offered by AstroKapoor covering only one specific astrological question along with solutions. Free astrology is done by our panditas.

Our team of astrologers offering this service layering different aspects of life like. Free Astrological Consultation is used by her.

Free Online Astrological Consultation: For getting this service people are requested to fill this form for getting their Free Online Astrological Consultation. Since this is a free service so it would cover only selected aspects of your life like career, foreign travel, childless couples, education etc. Please provide your accurate phone number along with country code to get your free astrology consultation on phone.

Free Gemstone Recommendation: Generally, gemstones are recommended by astrologers seeing major three combinations in chart. First, gemstone belong to lord of ascendant called ‘Life Stone’. Second one Lucky stone belongs to a ninth lord and the third one is benefic gemstone belongs to tenth lord. Only zodiac gemstones are recommended in such cases which deprive the bearer wearing lots of precious and semiprecious gemstones having their unique behavior on human body. Here, our team of astrologers provide ‘Free Gemstone Recommendation’ recommending various gemstones which are not even less in cost but having beautiful effects on human body.

Free Astrology Consultation On Phone

Astrology is a divine science which provides an everlasting effect on human life. The continuity of events in our life either good or bad is guided by the planets and their positions in the horoscope. We have seen that children born on the same date, time, year and month have different future, taste and likings. This is a concrete fact that planetary positions of both children are different in a horoscope. Free astrology consultation on phone by Astrokapoor group of astrologers can help you to get an immediate solution to your problems. We are here to solve your queries and incoming worries.