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Kamadhenu – Wish Fullfilling Cow

Kamadhenu Cow or Surbhi Cow Kamadhenu cow also known as Surabhi or “Cow of Wish” is a divine goddess described in Hinduism. Kamadhenu is a cow of plenty who fulfills all the wish and is portrayed as the mother of all cows. Kamadhneu is also known as a Gayatri and worshipped as a heavenly cow. […]

Camphor Lamp Yantra

A specially created device for reducing mental stress and depressions by creating good health, energy, prosperity and purifying the environment. Particularly design and empowered device for removing negative, ill-health creating energies and purifying the environment. The brass dish at the top holds purifying camphor, while the bottom copper vessel holds and burns oil (Sesame, Mustard, […]

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