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Alcoholism Treatment by Ayurveda and Medical Astrology

Alcoholism is an addiction, which is the inability to control craving for it due to physical and emotional dependence on alcohol. An addiction to alcohol makes a person completely a jack who can do anything for fulfilling his thirst for alcohol. There are various signs that can infer the dependence of person on alcohol.

Some of the main signs of alcoholism are:

a) Lying about and hiding the drinking – A person who is alcohol dependence will drink secretively and will try to hide the same from the family and society. b) Drinking for feeling relaxed – A person who is alcoholic feels relaxed after consuming alcohol. They become so addicted that they feel uncomfortable without drinking. c) Loss of memory – People who are addicted to alcohol slowly start losing the memory and their brain is completely black out. d) Neglecting responsibility – Alcoholism forces a person to neglect the family and social responsibility. e) Withdrawal syndrome – A person addicted to alcohol will face problems to discontinue it because the body becomes condition to alcohol that leads to various physical problems. A withdrawal syndrome may cause vomiting, loss of sleep, stomachache, loss of appetite and blurred vision.

We can infer various reasons that cause alcohol addiction. Some of the main cause of addiction is loss of parents or mother in early childhood, bad habits during teenage period, lack of love in the family, poverty and some psychological problems also. These are the causes, which are due to society, but sometimes even though these are not the reasons, yet a person becomes addicted to alcoholism and finds difficult to get out of it. In medical astrology several the each there are 9 planets occupied in a horoscope. The ill placement of planets in a certain house in a horoscope can make a person averse to addiction. Moon is considered vital in making one’s mind slow and unsound. If the placement of moon in a horoscope is not well then it can lead to an addiction of various kinds.For example, it has been found that whenAries become a drunkard, they are less aggressive and sarcastic and Gemini becomes more thrilled and passionate after drinking. These are the findings of medical and astrology because 9 different planets also rule our human body. The role of astrology in the treatment of addiction by improving the will power of the person has been dictated even in the ancient astrological books and magazines. Ayurveda has also a very important role in removing the addiction of alcohol. If addiction is due to society and human relationships, then the implementation of certain herbs can proved to be a long-lasting treatment for curing alcohol dependence. Ayurveda is the oldest science of ancient India and it works on the principle of correct life style following certain disciplines while eating. The Ayurvedic herbs can also help a long way in the treatment of alcoholic addiction. But it is essential to consult an expert Ayurveda and Medical astrologer for the treatment of alcoholism.

If you are looking for a Medical astrologer in India, USA and UK then you can contact Astrologer Prashant Kapoor. He is an expert medical astrologer, has cured more than 250 cases of alcoholism and various addictions that can be drug, medicine and habits.

This consultation would be offered by Medical Astrologer: Prashant Kapoor

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