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Voice Loss Treatment In Ayurveda

Voice is the best form of expression and it is our identity. Ayurveda is a very ancient science and has mentioned vak or speech as karmendriya i.e., the motor organ. It is explained as swara bheda Ayurveda. Ayurvedic Treatment of Voice loss helps to combat the symptoms which can cause voice loss.

Swara is known as voice and bheda denotes spit, modified and deformed voice. It can come as a symptom of other diseases or as a disease which can cause great problems to the viewer. Our voice is affected by daily wear and tear, styles, habit, alcohol, infection and injury.

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Voice loss is also known as Laryngitis

Laryngitis or swelling of our voice box can be defined as a condition in which voice becomes weak or mute and it can be caused due to over use of voice, irritation or infection. It can lead to hoarseness or even temporary loss of voice and even complete loss of voice.


Try to avoid caffeine and smoking habit. Water should be taken insufficient amount. Avoid eating too much spicy food. Give rest to the voice and do gargling.

Different types of Swarabheda.

 Heena swara means low voice and it is most common.

 Kshama swara – tired voice.

 Ksheena svara – decreased voice.

 Svarapaghata – damage to voice.

 Deena swara – pitiable voice.

 Ghurghurata – sore throat.

 Kanta koojana – supressed voice.

 Antargata svara – depressed voice.

 Kapota iva koojana – sound resembling to pigeon.

 Bhinna svara – split or broken sound.

The above-mentioned types give information about the study of laryngitis according to Ayurveda.

Causes of Laryngitis

Adhyayana –Reading loudly

Abhighata – Trauma

Visha – Effect of poison

Atyuchcha Bhashana – Speaking loudly

Symptoms of Voice Loss

In pittaja swarabheda there is burning sensation in throat while speaking.

In vataj swarabheda there is bhinna swaram – split sounds and words when the person speaks.

Sannipataj swarabheda has symptoms of all doshas.

Medoja swarabheda the words of the patient seems to be sunk deep inside the throat while if a person speaks, words spoken are not clear and there is a burning sensation in throat ,and severe thirst.

Ayurvedic Chronic Laryngitis Treatment

Ayurveda is a very old science and it is very well known that the treatment of Ayurveda helps to combat diseases which are difficult to treat. Vataj swarabhed is shown hoarseness of voice and vibrating voice and pain around the larynx. Pitta swarabheda is caused by the indication of thirst, fever and burning sensation in the laryngeal region. Staggering or obstructed voice denotes a kaphaj swarabhed and is caused by the vitiated kapha and the conditions become aggravate during night and alleviates during the day. Sannipatik swarabhed is caused by the vititation of all the three doshas and denotes a mixed characteristic. Swarabhed is caused by emaciating disease like tuber culosis and is also called kshayaj swarabhed and is accompanied by mild fever, weaknesses and weight loss. Medoj swarabhed is caused by the vitiation of meda dhatu and shows its feature but patient is thirsty. The treatment of swarabhed involves therapies such as antibiotics, blood and lymph cleansing herbs and some demulcent herbs are also prescribed.

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