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Category: Bollywood Astrology

Bollywood: The Heartbeat of India

In India, if anything is more than famous, it is Bollywood, for sure. Bollywood doesn’t need an introduction at all. Bollywood is the safe place for Indians, their comfort, and their beliefs. Bollywood is a complete roller coaster of emotions; they have films for every possible mood and event. Going to complete its golden jubilee now, Bollywood and its stars have seen ultimate ups and downs.

Bollywood Astrology: When Stars of the Stars Act

From generations to generations, Bollywood and its stars have given us blockbusters and super flops. Has it ever occurred to you why a superstar started giving flops suddenly? Why has Bollywood started facing down and getting up? You’d say it’s the phases of life, yeah, but don’t you think it’s more than that? Sometimes it’s the bad acting, poor scripts, or bad judgments; sometimes it’s the stars doing. Bollywood Astrology – The director of all the play featuring the stars; deciding the play of the industry and its superstars. Take a look at how Bollywood astrology works:

  • Universe and Destiny Belief: Indian Jyotish Vidya is even mentioned in Vedas which helps in predicting the future. There are multiple actors, actresses, filmmakers, and producers who believe in the destiny and doings of the stars. They like to consult astrologers every time before signing a contract, movie scripts, or release dates.
  • Career Guidance: Indian cinema is a tricky industry. Endless struggles, critics and criticism, financial instability, image, and reputation—being an actor or actress is a tough one. Many great actors, filmmakers, and producers like to make decisions after consulting with their astrologers. As great as an Indian star’s career can be, it’s also highly risky, and that’s why astrology plays a much more important role in the Bollywood industry than anyone can imagine.
  • Personal Decisions: Indian Bollywood stars are always in the news. From being praised for a small gesture one day to being criticized for a bad mood the next, the audience always has something to say. Not only on stage but in their personal lives too, what they do is not only their business; it’s the whole of India’s business. Bollywood stars consult their astrologers for any kind of personal decision too and act accordingly.
  • Superstition vs. Strategic Planning: Some critics view Bollywood’s reliance on astrology as superstition. However, Bollywood astrology can also be seen as a form of strategic planning, offering a sense of control and reassurance in a highly competitive industry.

Astro Kapoor: From Horoscopes to Box Office

With years of experience and expertise in Jyotish Vidya, Astro Kapoor has been helping and guiding Bollywood stars with every decision, whether personal or professional. Our astrology and predictions start with the kundali and horoscope of the client, following the karmas and stars actions. Astro Kapoor is one of the prime astrologers, offering these Bollywood astrology services:

  • Bollywood astrology consultation
  • Bollywood tarot card reading
  • Bollywood astrological career growth report
  • Movie naming convention in Bollywood astrology
  • Movie set location finalization
  • Kundali match of cast and crew and more.

Don’t underestimate the power of not-so-common star doings; reach out today!