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What is in a name?

There is a lot in a name. Your name is your identity. The name of a person is very important as it can make or break one's life. Numerology is a science that states that every number has its vibration and draws purpose, cosmic meaning, or guidance from specific numbers or number combinations. Name should be compatible with your date of birth (Moolank) or life path (Bhagyank) number, so that the benefits of number will be acquired. If your name adds up to your favorable number, it would guarantee the positive results of your hard work. The energy generated through its vibrations will attract luck and harmony.

Significance of Name Change Service

Name should be compatible with your date of birth or life path number, so that the benefits of number will be acquired. Multiple set of problems can be solved through name corrections.This service is designed to bring your name on the most suitable and harmonious number according to your birth and life path number. A little change in name changes the vibration and the energy leading to miracles in life.

Sometimes despite all your hard work, the best birth date and favorable Star the problems continue to leave you puzzled that what is holding you back? If your name is not adding to a favorable number, it may continue to spoil the taste of the success you want to achieve.

The method of name correction is based on the fundamental of numerology. A slight change in name changes the vibration of the name which will enhance the opportunities and success rate in life. Yes, along with hard work. The name of a person is very important as it can make or break one's life. Our panel of numerologists gives their candid advice and guidance keeping date of birth and life path number in mind.

How does Name Change Numerology work?

The method of name correction is based on the fundamental of numerology. A slight change in name changes the vibration of the name which will enhance the opportunities and success rate in life. Yes, along with hard work. The name of a person is very important as it can make or break one's life. Our panel of numerologists gives their candid advice and guidance keeping date of birth and life path number in mind

Have you ever been confused about your business? Is your hard work paying off? Are you not getting benefits according to your potential and expectations?

It takes courage to take business, leaving your job is a very tough and a crucial decision of life. Selection of Job or Business determining the nature of your profession or the sources of income is a very important decision in life. Every person has an area where he/she may be successful in terms of business. With the changes of economic condition, a successful business man may fail due to bad time. Every number has its own power and influences. Depending on the numbers and planets, a person is influenced. Your name is not just a name that holds your identity, but also holds immense powers.  A favorable name and number from a learned numerologist can make one’s business flourish due to vibration of that favorable number whereas an unfavorable or unlucky number will have adverse effect, despite hard work, on your business.

There is a reason that we all are born on a specific date and every date has a specific vibration

Numerology consultation and name change service also guide about the right choice of education field is important for the right destination of career. Guidance through Numerology helps parents to select the right subject for their children right from the beginning. Sometimes children themselves do not know which way to go. Here Numerology guidance comes into play. Planets and numbers of an individual reveals and guides that which type of education and profession suits the best for anyone. A lot of parents prefer numerology consultation to name their child for the guidance of the baby’s best future in terms of good luck, prosperity, wealth, health, family harmony, fortune, and general well being for both the child and the family.

Your Name Number

Miracles can be created in life just by awareness, knowledge, belief and hard work.

You may have been blessed with the best birth date sand stars but if your name is not adding to a favorable number, you might continue to slog for the success you want to achieve. A little change in name changes the vibration and the energy leading to miracles in life and here Name change service comes into play. Name Change By Numerology is a very old science. The name is unique for a person. The total letters in a name can signify man's future and various courses of actions in life. Numerology is based on understanding that we enter life with certain strength and weaknesses. Karmic lessons are special areas that we do not care about and we must face and work in this area. Destiny numbers play a very important role in karmic lesson. There can be more than one karmic lesson.

Name change by Numerology as per life path number might help you to get ease in your life. As we know that, each letter in numerology corresponds to a specific number. Certain numbers are repeated in your name, while others may be missing. A Karmic strength is suggested when a number is represented two times or more. The letters and numbers of a named point to the talents and abilities that you possess. These characteristics can be compared to a workshop in certain tools that are available in numerology. Missing numbers, those that do not show in letters of your name, imply tools that are unavailable, and that must be learned and mastered in lifetime. Name Change Service can be availed to get best results in each sphere of life. Name change service helps to get complete analysis of your name number.

'I want to change my name according to numerology' - A very genuine question. Generally, in a name a long name-nineteen or more characters – with nine or all eight numbers represent, indicate capable people who can deal with almost any situation. Their personalities are well formed; their interests are widespread, and their capabilities to overcome obstacles are well defined. Short names-up to fifteen letters- also contain within as many as eight or more of the nine single digit numbers, suggests powerful people who have capability to achieve all the desires of life with strong need. They are multi talented and tend to be survivors. They are resilient, and they bounce back from adversity sooner or easier than do others. Name Change Service is very useful for enhancing luck in life. Destiny numbers play a very important role in enhancing the luck after name change. Name Change By Numerology works on the vibration of numbers. Numerology name change effects are numerous and can't be completed just in an article.

Numerology Correction Report

Name Change Service helps one to find the name number. People with long names who have a very few numbers represented, six or less, have a powerless paradox in life. On one hand, they tend to deal with many obstacles in their personal lives. These people face intense and often failed relationship. Many outstanding actors, singers, military strategists, craftspeople and artists have names with various numbers missing, and they have the kind of focus this type of name implies. For people with three or more numbers missing, it is important to focus on the career and talents and to persevere in the face of any difficulty or obstacle. The kind of keyhole energy suggested by the strength of the numbers gives the ability to achieve great success in a specific part of life.

Numerology Name Change Effects

It is not a difficult question to have a name with six numbers represented, but five numbers in a name are rare, and four numbers in a name of average length is extremely uncommon. Therefore, to get maximum strength in your career and goal of life, it is desirable that you should work on the missing numbers in your name. It is important to find your name number and look for the working areas of your life. If there is difficulty in achieving goal of life after efforts then is essential to find your name number through numerology, your life path number and your total date of birth number. Name Change By Numerology is a unique and authentic service.

Role of Numbers in Name Change

We know that numbers are very important and each number is aspected by some sort of good vibrations. For some, it can be good and for some, it can be a bad experience. Have you ever thought about how numbers are important for us? Isn’t it easy to calculate profit or loss of a company, number of people living in a country, percentage of marks one is scoring in the examination? Thanks to numbers like 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and their various combinations such as 22, 15, 33, 76 and so on. Do numbers have something for your future? You can get all these answers by consulting online name change service at Astrokapoor.

All numbers are unique and they say something; as it can be observed in the bible and in Islam too. In Islam 786 is considered one of the most pious and pure numbers. These numbers have hidden meanings which are usually ignored by the casual reader, but one with good spiritual knowledge can understand the worth of these numbers.

When Should You Change Your Name

As we know that name change according to numerology helps to get lucky name according to the vibrating numbers of date of birth. date of birth can't be changed but name can be changed. But not the complete name, the letters of the name can be increased or decreased as to enhance the luck. If there is a conflict between the life path numbers and name numbers then it can create confusion in your life. Name change according to life path number and destiny number certainly plays a very important role in shaping destiny.

In numerology, each number has its own meaning

One – Individual and Strength Two – Cooperation because it bends. Three – Creative. Four – Down to earth. Five – Flexible. Six – Love and responsible. Seven – Torch bearer. Eight – Balance between material and spiritual world. Nine – It’s about the whole world.

Name change in numerology is a much specialized service, and a numerologist has to work on different permutations and combinations of numbers from your date of birth and name like.

Destiny number – What is your ultimate goal of life? Talent Number – What are your innate capabilities? Heart Number – What is your motivation? Personality Number – How is your personality? Challenge Number – Your weak part which might be a hurdle for you. Birth Force Period – Working of background force in your life.

Each number is influenced by a particular planet:

1= Sun {1, 10, 19 and 28 born} 2= Moon {2, 11, 20, 29 born} 3= Jupiter {3, 12, 21 and 30 born} 4= Uranus {4, 13, 22 and 31 born} 5= Mercury {5, 14 and 23 born} 6= Venus {6, 15 and 24 born} 7= Neptune {7, 16 and 25 born} 8= Saturn [8, 17 and 26 born} 9= Mars {9, 18 and 27 born}

How numerology name change affects your life?

It is obvious that name change service is a remarkable one and it affects your life. It has been observed that if your name number is coming to 5 and if your date of birth falls on 15 ( 6), then this combination is a tough one because number 6 is very caring and lovable number ruled by Venus and if combined by number 5 it is helpless for victory and other positive aspects of life. One can see these effects possibly in the year they are. If you’re a 15th born person then the best years of your life will be 15, 24, 33, and 42 (total combination 6) In these years you might experience major turning points of your life.

Lucky Name Numerology Advice

In numerology, the role of personal numbers and the course of your life is determined by three facets of you as it is mentioned above: your birth date, which cannot be changed, the name you were given at birth and the name you use today – which can be changed multiple times throughout life. A lucky name number is essential to get ease and luck in your life. A name number should vibrate with your birth number as well. Name change service can help one to get reward of their life by selecting an appropriate name by planetary combinations, date of birth and nakshatras.

The name you use everyday expresses how you adapt yourself in this world and how you see yourself. It is a clear indication that who you think you are your understanding and your level of maturity. Every time you introduce yourself ad say” I am so so”, you communicate who and what makes you different of all. And according to psychological point of view, the way you feel about yourself makes all difference in the world. Your self-confidence, your discipline and your ability, your acceptance and gratitude of what you see as blessings, all these make a difference in the quality of your life. Lucky name change can help one to get best name according to the vibrating numbers. Name change service acts like a radar in difficult situations.

Name change is a very specialized service and it needs a detailed analysis of the name, birth chart and date of birth of person. Name number is first of all analysed in name change service. After that, the role of life path number is also taken into consideration because life path number should also have some association with the name number and destiny number. If you’re looking for a name change service, then you can consult AstroKapoor’s Numerology expert Dr. Satarupa Bhattacharjee Kapoor or Akanksha Srivastava In the name change report, you will get the details of your name number, life path number, destiny number and why the new name or the addition of new letters in the name would be lucky for you. A best numerologist expert will also explain to a person about the inheritance or the future of life course action. Name change service is a very unique service and it might help you to get a clear transition of what is going in your life and what you want to achieve in your life.

Good name changes by Numerology

If you want to change your name or opt for name change report, consider looking for a name already attached to your DNA, like a grandmother’s maiden name. However during name change report if you don’t find such name, but there is one you have always been attached to, that could be your choice to attach that name. But complete result depends on the numerology analysis of name change. No matter, whatever be the source, you want to consider names for the one reason or the other belong to a fictional character. Name change by numerology report is very specialized service and it helps one to select best name number for themselves. Name change service helps one to get lucky name by numerology.


Numerological Sample Report

NAME CHANGE RECOMMENDATION for - RITESH ANAND From - ASTROKAPOOR (2/8/2023)Numerological Report: Name Change Recommendation Name: Ritesh Anand DOB:02/07/1994
Names represent energy in numerology. The energy draws traits of individual characteristics. Therefore, to enhance further the energy and strength of the name, major numerology number of the current name is analysed, accordingly a new name is proposed.We all are born with major numerology numbers which are determined by our date of birth and theses numbers have key roles to play. Similarly numerology of our given name too has strong effect on us, positive or negative. Thus using name changing convention we can change the major numerology number of the name aligning with our destination number thus raising the number graph which has an instant effect on our overall personality, attitude, perspective, acceptance & reaction, energy & movement, strength & action, confidence etc. These enhance characteristics not only facilitates in achieving success in our professional life also imbibes happiness and peace among friend and family and the most importantly gives a feeling of self fulfillment.
Numerological AnalysesBased on DOB & Name:
According to ancient /Vedic astrology, as well as western numerology, there are 9 numbers, and 9 planets that rule our Zodiac. Each of these planets is assigned with a number.Our principal planet or number is arrived at after adding up our first birth date. Asyou are born on thedate second, 02, 2+0=2, therefore, you are a Number 2 in Numerology. 2 represent Moon, so your principal planet which influences you is Moon.Our month will give us a Sun Sign, and each Sun Sign has a ruler planet {or Number}. This planet is our secondary planet which rules us. Now, you are born in the month of July, you are a Cancer (20thJune to 20thJuly), and Cancers are ruled by Number 7 which is assigned to Neptune.Hence your secondary planet is Neptune which has the next influences on you.You are born on the day(Saturday)which was ruled by the number “8”{Saturn} and the numbers “2”{Moon},“7” {Neptune} and your destiny number is “5” {Mercury}, your Zodiacal Sign is Cancer, {Ruler: Moon} your personal element would be Water.Some of the numbers or planets are auspicious, some inauspicious, some materialistic, some non-materialistic.The numerology number derives from our date of birth cannot be altered to make the number constructive. But this can be overcome or the number can be strengthened calculating one‟s name.Each alphabet corresponds to a Number. A number in turn imbibes energy to our name. When we add all the numeric value of the alphabets comprising our name it forms a Number. We first calculate to understand weather Name we bear and use for daily basis corresponds to an auspicious number. Then we find out if the ruling planet of this number is favorable. In case of unfavorable number & corresponding planet we suggest your name changing, wherein,alphabets are incorporated or deleted from the name, thus bringing the Numerology number of the Name to a favorable number. This mostly alters the effect of energy, thus attaining its maximum level of positive vibration and helps in generating opportunities and achieving success.So the most vital aspect in Numerology is to bring your name on an auspicious number.Before that we need to analysis the numerology expression of your current name.Your Name is Ritesh Anand,now, based on numerological analysisthe numerological expressions will be as follows:-
Rahu (Uranus)T4
Rahu (Uranus)36
Numerological Expression3+6= 9
Therefore, the numerological expression of your name is number 9. The ruling planet of number 9 is Mars.Now we can compile our result obtained from all above analysis. Accordingly, you are born on the day which was ruled by the number “8”, {Saturn} and the numbers “2”, {Moon},“7” {Neptune} and your destiny number is “5” {Mercury}, your Zodiacal Sign is Cancer, {Ruler: Moon} your personal element is Water, your numerological expression of name is “9” {Mars}.
Numerological Interpretation based on DOB & Current Name:
Based on the analytical result above you are a water sign hence people belong to this element are extremely fond of travel and hardly miss any travel opportunity, this is due do the virtue of the nature of the element, water. Water flows, and this is the characteristic of this element. This imbibes restlessness to the people bearing water sign and they desperately want to see far off lands.The people belong to this sign often love the sea or broad expanses of Water and many time it has been seen they can do better if they settle away from their place of birth, especially if that place is surrounded by Water, in the form of a river, lake or sea.However, in today‟s scenario this is not possible due various circumstances like job, work, family etc. Hence, a few ways are suggested below which will definitely add to your quality of life, -be it in professional or personal front.If you are living in a city, especially in your birth place, then following practice will benefit you in all aspects of life.
  • Water the plants on ground level, daily, to settle the „Earth‟ there.If you do not have garden space, then surround your balcony or home with the plants and water them regularly.
  • You will be benefited if you are dealing with people from other cities or distant land.
  • In your busy schedule keep travelling for small duration, or have small trips, this will rejuvenate you with energy, happiness and peace. Not only that you will be able focus on your work interest.
Now let us find out how the above numbers affect your individuality i.e. personalityAs we know the principal number that has major influence in your life is “2” and the ruling planet of “2” is Moon. The characteristics of Moon make you almost always gentle, tactful, diplomatic, forgiving and understanding. Certainly, you like to keep the peace and will avoid confrontations as much as possible.You will be compassionate, charitable and a person who is easily influenced. You have a magnetic personality and are highly attractive to your loved ones.Your ambitious nature will push you on, and you will make a success out of your chosen profession. Although you are interested in the occult, you are not a superstitious person, but you believe in fate and destiny.You love your family and will tend to help your relatives in every way you can. You will happily do things for them however difficult they may be.Your strength and power is resilient and lasting. You are often the true power behind the throne. Many times you remain unnoticed and operate from behind but remain as the main operating system.You are a born psychologist, you understand people very well, and their inner quality & the work they can do.Basically you are very intuitive and the real value of your intuitive prowess is in the way you interact with others.You often control the outcome of certain events without anyone else noticing or acknowledging. In fact,many a time the credit quite goes to some other entity. One of the best qualities is patience. You tend to take a special place in the hearts and minds of others due to your sophistication, grace and style. Your excellent taste in art and music often separate you from other.The people with 2 as the major number haven in-born sense of music and rhythm that makes them popular among any social crowd. So are you, you have tremendous taste in music and you are keen to have music as your profession. You are creative and have taste in art, dance too. You are a very conversationalist as well.The above combination makes your life interesting and unusual, filled with love, romance and ambition, however, your humble nature often is taken by people for granted.You, however,would love to lead a lavish and comfortable life style and crave for fame and name.
Line of Work:
You love social life and to entertain friends, and shall tend to make friends easily and give them the best of everything that money and power can get.Out of these desires there is every likelihood that sooner or later will be born a decided talent for the amusement or entertainment of others by the employment of one or more of the Moon qualities, such as music, art especially music, dance,the film world, literature, poetry, singing, dancing and such like.If you had to go into in to business you would make a success of enterprises connected with the luxurious side of life more than any other, such things as the decorations of homes, dresses and flower shops or the catering of food, restaurants or hotels, some areas where creativity plays a role.Other lines suitable for you are, hotels, entertainment, acting, modeling, advertising,composition, tour operating, chemical, petrol, banking.
Your main problems are connected to nerves mostly due to over-anxiety.However, it would do well to guard against intestines, tumors, appendicitis, hernia, heart problems, anemia, blood circulation, asthma, diabetes, sleeplessness and nervousness. It would do you good to keep a check on your diet and not indulge in luxurious food.Try to be careful about the kind of food you eat. Control the tendency for wining and dining (sweets, luxurious food) or it could lead to heart problems.
Combined interpretations of all the influencing numbers
If we do a combined study then we will see the number assigned to Saturday (your birthday as per DOB) is 8 and the corresponding ruling planet of this number is Saturn. Now Saturn gives a set of characteristics to the bearer. Although the day in which a person is born does not pose significant influence, yet some characteristic exists and we consider all these aspects to create Numerological Report. Influence of Saturn may pose in your life some difficulties, challenges, hardships, but by strengthening or providing power it even does the opposite, i.e it may make you lead a life a king, full of joy and success.At this moment it is likely thatyou are facing some challenges in your career which is most likely to be in the entertainment section. Probably at a time you feel that success or opportunity just slipped from your hand, it is due to number “8” influence. However, it can be overcome through name changing convention which will be recommended in our name change analyses section below.Although, influence of Moon –the ruler planet of number “2” which is the prime numerological number of you, makes you humble, patient, peace-loving, creative, sensual, attractive, feminine which is already discussed in detail in the first part of this section, but the influence of Neptune the ruler of Number “7” makes you at a time stubborn. Neptune is always associated with Moon and your most influential planet is Moon. Hence mostly both Neptune and Moon makes you patient, humble, intuitive, philosophical, imaginative, creative, non-materialistic at the same time due to Neptune's influence you are highly organized and though avoid confrontation and believe in maintaining peace but your rational and logical interpretation and precision does not allow you at a time to agree with others opinion. You often feel alone. Your philosophical inclination often hinders you in the completion of your tasks. Though the effect of Neptune brings luck, especially to those who are associated with you, but its effect will not help you much in financial stability. So name change will help to overcome this problem.Now very interestingly DOB total number “5” has Mercury as its ruling planet. Mercury has a strong influence on you being second priority numerology number. Mercury‟s influence, however, provides a quality of a businessman who can find a quick way of earning money. But again you fail to do a long term plan due to the inconsistency effect of Mercury. However, you are not scared of failure, you take quick decisions and risks as well under the influence of Mercury. This is always not in your favor. Due to Mercury‟s influence, you look younger than your age and most importantly the child within you many a time surfaces. Now the most important Destiny number is “9” in your case, the ruling planet of number “9” is Mars. Sun, Moon and Jupiter are friends of Mars; Saturn, Venus, Rahu and Ketu are neutral, however, Mercury is its enemy. In your case your Primary no “2” & its corresponding ruling planet Moon is friends or compatible with your Destiny number, Neptune in your case is in neutral relation and the Mercury being the second influential planet marked by number “5” is enemy to Mars. Thus Name change will help to make Destiny number and first & second most influential number compatible to each other.Although Mars makes you courageous, gives you confidence but duel effect of Mars and Mercury leads you to lose your control cross the limits. This may pose difficulties in your relationship you being landing up with many short-term, long-term or co-existing relationships.
Proposed Name Change Based on Interpretation:
To bring your Name on a very Auspicious and Fortunate Number, we suggest following combinations, use any of them. To overcome and conquer any of these bad hints mentioned above, you need to spell and sign your Name fully as:You can choose any of the three names suggest. The destiny number of first two names is same and is influenced by number “1” ruler of which is Sun.The destiny number of the last name is influenced by number “2”, i.e. Moon. Moon is already your Primary numerology number and this is further strengthened by same destiny number. In the first and second options, there is a strong attraction between numbers 1(Sun)and 2(Moon)and these are well compatible with each other, especially if born in Cancer, which is perfect in your situation. There are many other calculation involved based on which the names are suggested. Above is just an indication to the bearer to understand the difference in the current and suggested names.It is suggested with immediate effect you should start using this Name wherever possible. This will facilitate you to complete any half done tasks, help you to continue your work in your field of interest sustainably. Keep your focus, practice your name see the result. Your confidence will further increase. You will gain more control in your action and most importantly will start proceeding in the path of success.
Lucky Numbers:
The most important numbers and dates in your life for doing anything important are the series of “twos”,“threes”, “sevens” and “four” “one” such as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd,4th,7th,10th, 11th, 12th, 16th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 24th, 25th, 29th and 30th.
Lucky Colors:
To increase your charismatic vibrations, you should wear some part of your clothing the colors of blue, from the lightest to the darkest, greens, creams, white, shades of yellow, orange.
Lucky Stones:
Your “Lucky” Jewel is the Ruby.Try to practice new signature: If possible try to change signature based on new name. Inclination should be 45 degree upward angle in the right hand side, and finish it with an underline, please note do not cut across the sign.Try to change the names in daily use documents such as visiting cards, driving license etc. in social media, networking media etc.Most of the problems faced by you willbe overcome with the change in spellings, which you must do legally, in visiting cards, letterheads, bank accounts etc.Inform close friends, families, colleagues by sending them an SMS with new spellings so the positive vibrations spread faster.Till your name has been changed officially, Start writing in blue ink this new name 25 or 22 times every day on a notebook to invoke positive vibrations.

Although best Numerological Method has been employed to do the analysis and interpretation and all possible precautions have been taken to obtain the maximum accuracy of the numerological calculations, which are very complex, but we make no warranties, either vocalor inditect. Success is a combination of good luck,hard work and a positive outlook.

Try to include, watering the plant, Yoga, pranayam, meditation in everyday‟s routine. Wear Ruby, this shall help in overcoming obstacles, nervousness etc.

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