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The birth of a newborn is a big event in the life of the family. Indian Astrology has on an integral part to play throughout the life of an individual.

Indian Astrology identifies certain planetary combinations which are favorable and unfavorable for a child born. While favorable combinations are always welcome in a person’s life it is the unfavorable combinations, which have to be guarded against.

The bad planetary effects can be those which effect :

The health of the new Born
The general Luck of the Father/mother or the New Born
The Life of the Grand Parents
In case of Girls – The life of Husband hurdles in marriage
Also , since all the planets co-relate to a certain sound, it is an ancient Indian tradition to find the Right name letter to help the child’s destiny throughout.

Child astrology is one of the most important areas of study in Vedic astrology. Child astrology predicts the birth of the child. Why a child is different from other child? Why a child is arrogant or shy? There are lots of question which arises in the mind of the parent. Child Astrology helps to find the answers of each and every aspect of your child. The personality of the star sign is easily visible in the child. Particular zodiac sign and the ascendant of the child make a child unique and different from other child. This is the reason each and every person and child carries unique characteristics.
Aries Child – Characteristics: Aries child is unique, aggressive, independent and expressive. To bring up an Aries child is a delight for the parents.
Taurus Child – Characteristics: Life for Taurus child is physical pleasure and material rewards. The things which should be looked upon while bringing a Taurus child is, Taurus child likes peace and comfort. They thrive best in a familiar environment.
Gemini Child – Characteristics: Gemini child is intelligent, dynamic. Gemini child begins their quest of knowledge right from the candle. These children are marked by the varied interest.
Cancer Child – Characteristics: Cancer child is a dreamer. Cancer child is extremely happy if you leave him in his own world of dreams.
Leo Child – Characteristics: Leo child as ruled by the Sun wants the center of attraction. They are blessed with a magnetic personality which makes them lovable to all.
Virgo Child – Characteristics: Virgo child is very helpful by nature. Virgo children have an active curious mind. As, a parent of a Virgo child you can provide him with books, pencils and attractive books to study.
Libra Child – Characteristics: Libra child is a highly social child. They thrive best when provided meaningful companionship. They have a highly imaginative mind.
Scorpio Child – Characteristics: A Scorpio child is passionate about their emotions. They are blessed by a keen mind and highly intelligent personality. Their level of companionship is also too high, but when they fight with their friends they won’t ever love to share anything in the future with them.
Sagittarius Child – Characteristics: Sagittarius child is popular among peers and classmates. Your Sagittarian kid will be a bundle of cracking energy, optimism and full of energy.
Capricorn Child – Characteristics: Capricorn’s child is a mummy best little helper at the home. They are very hardworking and have an industrious nature. Capricorn child emerges into well adjusted social individuals. Sometimes they are quite conservative, so try to teach them not to be rigid.
Aquarius Child – Characteristics: Aquarius child has an inquiring mind. They are interested in getting into the hearts of anything. They need personal independence, so don’t ever try to occupy your child with your love. They will be happy when left alone.
Pisces Child – Characteristics: Pisces child is one of the sweetest and most caring among the all the twelve signs of the zodiac. The downside of the Pisces personality is that they are extremely sensitive and are hurt even in any slightest nuances.

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