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Bollywood Astrological Career Growth Report

The Bollywood industry is a glitzy world of glamour where there is a constant completion for the best performance, best appearance and the best ongoing and pipeline movies. It is very important for all the performers – actor, director, producer, singer, music director, editor and script writer to give their best in terms of innovation and uniqueness and in compliance with the market / public demand. Therefore, it will be a great help to anybody in the cinema world to know about the upcoming future in terms of, career – movies in hand, the success rate, financial strength, name & fame. This bollywood astrological career growth report is very helpful for the bollywood professionals taking best decision for their career path. Our experts who have extensive experience in carrying out a detail study and analysis in the glamour world considers the Kundali / Natal chart of each individual and studies different variables. After analysis each variable they provide a broad predictions, as required, either yearly or three yearly, fiver yearly etc. All the positive outcome expected to happen in coming future and the obstacles they may be faced are delineated. Appropriate recommendations and remedies are detailed to overcome each and every obstacles. Additionally remedies are also prescribed to energize the planets and their effect. The main planets that rule the birth chart of a person from Cinema industry - film maker/ director, actor, producer, are Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Rahu & Ketu.

The wide ranges of variables those are considered to come out with a comprehensive career report are numerous. Some of them are as mentioned below.

How this Bollywood Astrological Career Growth Report Calculated

The Ascendant/Ascendant is considered as it is needed to be strong in the birth-chart to become a star in glamour or film world. The Ascendant is an indicator of influential personality. If the lord of fifth house is strong and forms a positive relationship with the lord of tenth house in the birth-chart the person’s livelihood is indicative of from acting, entertainment and glamour world. The fifth house is the representative house of entertainment and film & theater and the tenth house is the house of profession. The planetary position, such as Sun. The sun is considered as the ruler thus indicating authority, power, commanding, strength & fame. Hence the strong effect of Sun is mandatory in a person’s birth chart to make a successful career in Bollywood world.

Advantage of Bollywood Astrological Career Growth Report

Moon: Moon stands for creativity, emotional expression. The combine effect of Moon and mercury needs to be significant in a person’s natal chart to make a career in Cinema world. The importance of planet Mars is important in the birth chart as Mars signifies fearlessness, bold, stage free and action. These qualities are mandatory for a person in the line of film/acting. Presence of strong Venus: The Venus is indicative of creative expression, dance, singing and beauty. These qualities have significance importance in the birth chart of an actor/actress. The Venus specifically stands for entertainment. Strong presence of Venus in a person’s natal chart also leads to the occupation of fashion designing, modeling etc. in the glamour world. Rahu-Ketu: It is important to consider, Film industry is highly competitive and the effect of Rahu-Ketu helps the person to sustain successfully in this completive world.

One can view profile of astrologer Mr. Prashant Kapoor who has expertise in making this 'Bollywood Astrological Career Growth Report'

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