Yagya to Avoid Alcohol Drinks and Drug Addiction


Dependence is a truly serious issue in one’s life and indeed rehabilitation centers ca n’t cure dependence problems. Dependence can indeed destroy family life, peace, health and indeed physical health of a person. This Yagya gives new leashes to life and to all the persons who are dependent on drugs and alcohol, in a truly effective way. Alcohol destroys not indeed the person who is taking it, but also the whole family. The person who is addicted to alcohol has no idea how dangerous it’s and sometimes ends up taking the life. Noone can make them understand that it’s not good for their health. Due to just having fun for the moment they love to drink alcohol. We at AstroKapoor perform this Yagya, after going through the problems being faced by our guests. Our special Panditas and Aacharayas, who are working under the ingenious guidance of Astrologer Prashant Kapoor, perform this Yagya. Exact element of this Yagya, material used and deities Grahas are taken into consideration after assaying the birth chart of our guests. Material used in Navgraha Yagya Haldi/ Turmeric cream Chandan/ Sandal cream Roli/ Kumkum Sindoor Moli/ Kalawa/ Nadachadhi Kapoor/ Camphor Rice Ghee Navgraha smidha Nine grain Havan Samagri Packet Dhoop Supari Lawang/ Elaichi Mustard oil painting painting New brand bowl katora Black Sesame seed Brown sugar Mango wood alkie coconut Fresh Coconut Five different fruit Flowers except white color Pan/ Beetel Durva Grass Ganga Jal Kusha field Unsalted Five different Sot Fruits volume of the material is predicated on the completion date of Jaap and Hawan. Also how multitudinous panditas are doing so these days depend on the number of Pandas. However, also will take long time and farther material but if it’s done by 5- 6 Panditas used take so multitudinous days, If it will be done by 1 Pandit. also are the way for performing a Yagya for a reanimated baby Invite a clerk or you can Invite 4- 5 and farther priests( who are endured in performing Yagyas) to complete the yagya and Jaap in minimum days. Choose a suitable position, rather near a sluice, temple or a place with natural surroundings. handpick a auspicious time and date for the Yagya. Prepare the particulars demanded for the Yagya, including ghee, samagri( gravies), and other offerings.

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