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Coma Treatment In Medical Astrology Inage


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Treatment of Coma by Medical Astrology and Ayurveda Coma is a serious neurological disorder caused due to the dysfunction of nerves of the brain. Coma can be sudden such as a person feeling dizziness or suffering from the hemorrhage. Cause of Coma Coma is caused by the several injury to the brain. Brain injury can be due to the pressure in the brain, or bleeding and hemorrhage in the nerves of the brain. Trauma is also a reason for coma. More than 50% of comas are related to head trauma or disturbance in the brain.

Symptoms of Coma Coma can be easily recognized. Closed eyes, suppressed reflexes, no limb response and non-dilating pupil are the main symptoms of coma. Other additional symptom of coma includes pressure sores and bladder infections.Natural and Ayurvedic Remedies for Coma Determining the cause of coma is the first step of treatment of the disease. In the initial stage, the natural remedy can cure it. Natural and herbal remedies include the use of coconut oil, gingko biloba and vitamin b and vitamin c. Ayurvedic medicines can be powdered and administered mixed with honey or diluted with milk and then pushed through the intragastric tube to the patient for cure. Herbal medicines are used in high doses in order to reduce and treat generalized inflammation in the body. These medicines are effective in the treatment of inflammation in the body. Ayurvedic medicines also maintain the vital supply of blood to various organs of the body.Medical astrology treatment of Coma Coma is a grave condition that can make a person completely out of the world. Sometimes we have seen that in a minute disease also a person lacks the will power to regain back, this can be due to the planetary position or transitory period of the sub planets. Astrology has described the role of 9 planets and 12 house of the birth chart very important for the human being. By proper diagnosis of the birth chart and implementation of certain gemstones and remedies can help one to get out of coma. Since ancient era, medical astrology has treated several diseases by implementation of proper remedies. If you are looking for a medical astrologer in India, USA and U. K then you may contact astrologer Prashant Kapoor. He is an only medical astrologer in India treated several cases of coma effectively.

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