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Medical Astrology Treatment of Yellow fever

Yellow fever is an acute viral infection. This disease is caused by yellow fever virus and spreads through the bite of an infected female mosquito. Infections mostly occur in the human, primates and other species of mosquito. The virus responsible for yellow fever is RNA virus of the genus Flavivirus. Symptoms of yellow fever Yellow fever shows its symptoms quickly within 5 to 6 days after exposure. The initial symptoms is very similar to influenza but the most common symptoms observed until now are- • Headaches • Joint muscle aches • Fever with chills • Sneezing • High fever In an initial phase, yellow fever may not show severe conditions, but acute phase lasts for 4 to 5 days and common symptoms include- • Backaches • Acute fever • Joint aches • Flushing • Loss of appetite • Headaches • High fever • Too much pain in the body

After acute phase, most of the symptoms disappear and a person may become cure from yellow fever, but sometimes-acute phase is converted into toxic phase. In the toxic phase, the symptoms of acute phase may disappear but it relapses after 24 hours with more severity. These include: • Bleeding from nose, mouth and eyes • Heart rhythm problems • Seizures • Decreased urination • Abdominal problems • Vomiting ( sometimes with blood )

Cause of Yellow Fever (Pitta Jawara)

Flavivirus is the main cause of yellow fever. It is transmitted when an infected mosquito bites a person contaminating the blood of the person. This is not an infectious disease and do not spread from one person to another. The mosquito of yellow fever breeds in the humid, and semi-humid environments, tropical rain forests and around bodies of still water.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Yellow Fever

According to Ayurveda, for a healthy life, proper disciplined life is essential to balance the three elements of the body i.e. Vata, pitta and Kapha. Due to unhealthy lifestyle and inappropriate diet, the immune system of our body weakens that leads to fats infections of any disease and organism. There is no such treatment of yellow fever, proper prevention and consumption of huge amount of fluid is essential due to loss of body fluids. Some important herbal and Ayurvedic remedies for yellow fever are • Golden Rob Herb – This is a very effective remedy for yellow fever. It is actually the genus of flowering plants found in sandy and dry soils. This herb can be taken separately in the morning with food. • Dogwood Bark – The inner bark of this is very effective in the treatment of yellow fever. The process of consuming dogwood bark is in the liquid form by the preparation of decoction. • Garlic – This herb is a natural healer used in the treatment of yellow fever due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant bacterial properties. • Capsicum – Is used in the treatment of deadly fevers, particularly yellow fever. It is recommended for all patients suffering from yellow fever. If you or your family is suffering from yellow fever, you can take proper and effective Ayurvedic treatment of yellow fever by consulting only Medical astrologer and an Ayurveda practitioner Mr. Prashant Kapoor. He is an excellent medical astrologer and advises and provides solutions for any incurable disease.

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