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Medical Astrology Treatment of Whooping cough

What is Whooping Cough? Whooping cough (pertussis) is a bacterial infection commonly found in infants. The infection spreads in the throat and the nose. This is also called as respiratory infection caused by the Bacterium, Bordetella Pertussis and mainly affects the babies younger than 6 months who are not immunized by the vaccines. Causes and Symptoms of Whooping Cough There are various causes and symptoms of whooping cough but some of the most common signs and symptoms are- • Runny nose • Low-grade fever • Sneezing continuously • Mild cough • Loss of appetite • Tiredness • Sore throat • Tears After infection of 3 to 3 weeks, the dry cough evolves into a irritating cough and a child may turn blue or red while coughing. This is the most painful condition for infant so necessary steps if taken for the prevention of whooping cough in a child can prevent the child from apnea (irregular breathing while coughing)

In adults and teens there may be milder effect of whooping cough such as milder fever, prolonged cough or prolonged cough without the whoop

What is Pertussis disease?

Pertussis disease is known, as whooping cough is a highly contagious disease of respiratory system caused by the bacteria Pertussis. It makes a violent, turbulent cough that often makes it hard to breathe.

Ayurveda and Whooping cough

Ayurveda is a very old ancient science, developed in India thousands of years ago. It lay stress on the disciplined way of life with the use of herbal medicines. These Ayurvedic medicines are very effective in the treatment of whooping cough and other respiratory problems. Ayurvedic cure for whooping cough is very effective and it helps in the complete cure of the disease. In Ayurveda, whooping cough is known as DUSHTA KASA and it mostly attacks the small children and infants.

Some important Ayurvedic remedies used in whooping cough are-

• Ginger – it is effective in the treatment of cough, heals the sore throat, and provides relief in pain caused by the cough. • Almond oil – This cures whooping cough if a mixture is taken with an onion juice. • Comfrey – It is very useful in the dry persistent cough. • Onion – Syrup of onion mixed with the honey juice is helpful in the treatment of whooping cough. • Licorice - The dry powder of licorice, mixed and consumed by honey cures whooping cough and pain. • Aloe Vera juice – Aloe Vera juice mixed with honey is a 100/5 natural cure for Pertussis or whooping cough.

Medical astrology and Pertussis or Whooping cough

Whooping cough is a respiratory disease and in astrological science, the onset or occurrence of disease is caused by the malefic combinations of planets either in the malefic house or if a planet associated with the respiratory tract is combust, weak or ill-placed, but according to various ascendants. A weak representation of mercury in the birth chart causes respiratory problems such as asthma and whooping cough. Although whooping cough is a bacterial infection in the children, sometimes it is very severe even in adults, so in that case, a proper analysis of the birth chart by an expert medical astrologer is essential for complete cure of whooping cough in adults. If you are looking for a medical astrologer in India, USA and U.K, then you may contact our medical astrologer, Mr. Prashant Kapoor. He is an only medical astrologer in India, treated more than 500 cases of respiratory problems by the combinations of Ayurveda and medical astrology.

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