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Medical Astrology Treatment of Glaucoma

Glaucoma is the second biggest cause of blindness in the world; sometimes it is difficult to diagnose this disease at an early stage. It can lead to permanent damage to eye and some people can become blind at a later stage. There is an increased pressure in the eyes, which leads to the damage of optic nerve referred to as ocular hypertension. Glaucoma has a tendency to be genetic and sometimes may not show any symptom so it has to be treated before severe damage to the optic nerve.

Causes of Glaucoma

There are various risks factor associated with Glaucoma. But some of the main reasons of Glaucoma are: 1) Ocular hypertension is the main reason of Glaucoma 2) Genetic causes that are left undiagnosed for several years 3) Hereditary factors 4) Exposure to radiations 5) Trauma to the eye 6) Diabetic neuropathy 7) Poor diet

The main symptoms of Glaucoma

There are main symptoms if glaucoma and if they are treated on time, a person may not lose his vision. Glaucoma can be classified into two main types - Closed Angle Glaucoma and Open-Angle Glaucoma. The common symptoms of Glaucoma are 1) Visual field loss 2) Red Eyes 3) Nausea and vomiting frequently 4) Loss of vision 5) Dilated Pupil 6) Very high intraocular pressure

Ayurveda and Glaucoma

Ayurveda is a very old science and it depends on nature for the complete cure of disease, the cause and the reason of diseases. Ayurveda lay stress on the healthy way of living the lifestyle along with following a proper healthy diet and routine. Ayurveda uses the inherent power of natural herbs to bring wonderful results in the human being.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Glaucoma

1) Taking a diet rich in vitamins and minerals are very effective in removing the cause of Glaucoma. 2) Taking Triphala churna daily is very effective. 3) A paste of ginger and lemon extract. 4) Equal quantity of fennel seeds along with the coriander and brown sugar. 5) Try to reduce the insulin level of your body as it may lead to increased Glaucoma.

Medical Astrology and Glaucoma

It is seen sometimes although a person is healthy yet he suffers from glaucoma, in the absence of hereditary and genetics conditions also. In this condition, medical astrology can help to know the reason of this eye disease. The position of planets in a horoscope has to be determined for this disease. In a horoscope, the placement of ill planets along with the benefic planet in a certain house can give bad effect on the health. It can be treated before by using certain remedies as gems therapy and rudraksha therapy.

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