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What is Muhurat?

Muhurat/Muhurt is the most benefic time chosen to execute or start an event so that the task is carried out without any obstacle. A shubh muhurat helps in concentrating the energy of the planets and other astrological factors in an auspicious way so as to nullify the evil influences and make the result of the work performed most fruitful. The time of birth of a person cannot be controlled by anyone. But the time of the event can be controlled. Basically, the time of an event is the birth of the event; therefore its future will depend upon that time. If you start any work in a shubh Muhurat, it increases the possibilities of success. Muhurat is a tool to harmonize your forces with nature and improve your chances of success. The Significance of a Muhurat By shubh Muhurat, one ensures that one is not going against natural forces and beginning an auspicious and important task when all cosmic powers are favorable. In a way, muhurat of an event defines the horoscope of that event. So for a good future, a shubh muhurat is inevitable. The birth chart or the janam patrika and Muhurat are interrelated because if one performs auspicious tasks and events on shubh muhurat according to one’s birth-chart, one will be happy and the problems may also get reduced. It helps in counteracting the obstructions provided by the birth chart of a person and to neutralize or overcome the loss mentioned therein.

Muhurat is very useful for people those do not have a birth chart or suffer from any dosha. It is seen that these people have succeeded in their tasks after carrying out it in a shubh muhurat. So, whenever you are going to start an important event of your life, which either takes a significant amount of your time and energy or is going to make its impact on your life for quite some time, then you should perform that action in accordance to the shubh muhurat. Find out the most Auspicious Day/Time/Date for Important OccasionsMuhurat is a moment or time most auspicious for a particular occasion or commencement of an activity, and is calculated on the basis of many variables like nature of concerned activity, horoscope of the person who has to perform the activity, planetary position, lunar day, 'Nakshatra' during the period it is to be performed.

What Muhurat Horoscope consists of:

Muhurat Horoscope involves thorough study of horoscope of the person who has to perform the activity, position of each planet, lunar day, 'Dasha' periods, 'Nakshatra' during the period it is to be performed, and calculation of the most auspicious and perfect time periods for the ceremony. Right Muhurat can be for entry into new house (Greh Pravesh) native should actually enter the new house and start living, during Muhurat of construction of property native should get started the construction with acceptable tools and so on. Mind it that Muhurats are available daily and are available in span of few minutes and the work should commence in this particular time span. Right Muhurat can be chosen for Marriage, Engagement, 'Greh Parvesh' or Inauguration of a new house or Moving into a new residence, Launch of a new business venture/ office premise or any other important occasion.

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