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Ayurvedic and Medical Astrology Treatment Sex Power

Ayurveda is a very ancient system to maintain well being of a person. Ayurveda is practiced in India since long decade and it has very unique and proper guidelines to protect human life. Ayurveda provides very essential and proper way to lead a pleasurable sexual life. Sex according to Ayurveda is as essential as food and sleep It is the most needed biological need of a human being.

Sexual strength is necessary to maintain and develop good physical intimacy and for healthy offspring. Sexual activity should be healthy Numerous individual experiences uneasiness, embarrassment and disillusionment during sexual activity

Combined Treatment of Sex Power by "Medical Astrology and Ayurveda"

Kamasutra, kernel of Ayurvedic Sex
Kamasutra is the most important part of sexual life .It is the most ancient way to depict healthy sex life The principle of kamasutra gives importance to vajikarana chiktsa (Aphrodisiac treatment) It denotes the eight principle branches of kamasutra and it helps to imbalances three doshas i.e. vatta,pitta kaffa.

Medical Astrology | Ayurvedic | sex of mind body and soul

Ayurvedic sex denotes the union of mind, body and soul. Ayurveda is generally the divine science of life and it considers male virility a very strong hold of sex.Sexual relationship is a very sensitive phenomenon that can be easily disturbed by psychological and physiological imbalance. To maintain a very healthy sexual relationship it’s essential to maintain bliss of Ayurveda and Sex. It will lead to blissful sexual activity and vigor and vitality according to Ayurveda concept.

Sexual health the key to a healthy life

Ayurveda believes that sexual health is the most important for healthy living. This science relates to physical, mental and spiritual harmony. Vajikarana therapy is the most important ay for healthy sexual life in Ayurveda. By this therapy sex becomes successful and fully satisfactory.
Combined Treatment of Sex Power Increment by "Medical Astrology and Ayurveda"
Diet low in fat and high in protein should be taken to increase sexual strength and vitality.
Clothes should be loose and hot and sauna bath should be avoided.
Loss of weight should be checked immediately.
Too much masturbation should be avoided.
Yoga and meditation should be practiced regularly.
Gap should be maintained for ejaculation of semen. Maxim 3 days should be given.
Medications for Sex Power enhancement in Ayurveda and Medical Astrology
Ayurveda has been a long way to increase sex power. Ayurveda and sex are very closely related as Ayurveda provide best solution for effective and pleasurable sexual life. Ashwagandha (withania somnifera
kaunch beej (cow hage)
Rajat bhasm (silver calx)
Shatavari (asparagus recemosus)
Shudh shilajit (asphaltum)
Safed musli (small fennel/nigella seed)
Ras sindoor (red sulphide of mercury)
Abhrak bhasm (mica/gimmer)
Shudh Vidhara (argyreia nervosa)
We at AstroKapoor.com work following Medical Astrology, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology and Gems therapy to increase and enhance sex power of an individual. We have Astrologer Vipan Kapoor as an expert who has extensive and very vast findings in Ayurveda for last 45 years.

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