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Delivery Time: 5 Days Consultation: Health Astrology Consultation along with Remedies by Medical Astrologer - Prashant Kapoor

Discuss your health concerns with our Medical Astrologer Prashant Kapoor, the privacy of your issues will be fully ensured. Talk about your chronicle diseases which are not curable with the help of Medical Science and get a complete Health Astrology solution. This solution ensured hundred percent healing and is based on the ancient concept of Medical Astrology. As a matter of fact, Prashant Kapoor has an amazing skill to diagnose and predict health issues by analyzing one’s natal chart. He provides very effective remedies and solutions.

This Medical astrological consultation will be appointed based with due consideration to native's preferred date of birth, time and birth place. Only one horoscope will be discussed in this scheduled appointment.

Input required for providing this service: Please provide your complete birth details (Date of birth, Time & Place of birth), and preferred consultation time.

Please note Incase of unavailability of birth details one can mention the current time while filling the form including present location. In such special cases, all the astrological calculations and solutions will be provided with the help of Prashna Kundli/Horary Astrology.

How to analyse diseases with the Medical Astrology. This is the basic fundamental of initial study of Health Astrology

In natal chart, sixth house belongs to disease, eight houses for death similarly twelfth house indicates downfall of health. So diseases should be analysed from the planets responsible given below. From the planets is in the sixth house eighth and twelfth house, lord of sixth house. Second and twelfth house is also called death houses so the period and sub-period of planets placed in these houses and the Mahadasha and Antardasha of lord of seventh house is guilty to give disorder.

In Medical Astrology Planets accountable for the diseases given below. These planets make cause in the field of Health Astrology Sun - Fever, feeling fiery in body, Pitta, heart fail, eyes, skin, pain from fire, weapon or poison, snake bite, epilepsy. Moon – Insomnia, disturbed sleeping cycle, laziness, frequent cough cold, loss of appetite, jaundice, blood disorder, fear from water, uterus, disturbed menses, anemia. Mars – Thirstiness, Vata and Pitta imbalance, Fever due to Pitta, accident by fire or weapon, leprosy, weakness due to deficiency of marrow bone, eyes, ulcer, rough skin, itching, handicap. Mercury – Nervous breakdown, pancreas and nostrils disorder, throat cancer, all three disorders due to imbalance of Vata, Pitta and Cough, skin disorders like eczema, jaundice, infertility, azoospermia, Parkinson. Jupiter – Ears and gall bladder ailment, fever to due to infection in intestine, appendix, bronchitis, jaundice, kidneys, liver, obesity. Venus – Eyes, urine, weakness in sex, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, reduced weight, yellow skin due to less hemoglobin, slip disk. Saturn – Joint pains, trudge, fatigue, leg pain, knee damage, paralysis, depression, attack by evil spirits, injury by fallen tree or stone-pelting. Rahu – Heart, disease due to side effect of poison, Leprosy, snake or ghost attack, low blood pressure. Ketu – Sever stomach pain, continuous gastric etc. In Medical Astrology, signs also represent body parts. When any sign is inflicted by malefic planets then disease, belonging to that sign, arise. Following are the sings which represent the particular disease. Health Astrology Report is based on these. Aries – Head, face, brain. Taurus – Eyes, neck, throat, nose, teeth, beauty of face, lips. Gemini – Ears, shoulders, arms, hand, breast, wrist, air pipe. Cancer – Heart and blood related disease. Leo – Stomach, Vata disease. Virgo – Waist pain, different type of stomach disorders. Libra – Urine related disorders, diabetes. Scorpio – Sexual disorders, disease due to intercourse, aids. Sagittarius – Blood, bone marrow, impurity in blood. Capricorn – Psychological disorder, fluctuation in blood pressure. Pisces – Allergy, skin disorder, blood, gout, knee pain.

While making Medical Astrology Report, house also refers to illnesses. Given below is the list of houses responsible for diseases in Health Astrology Report

First House – Headache, psychological disorder, cough cold, weakness in brain. Since ascendant house is itself a body so calculation of physical and psychological capacity measures by this house. Second House – This is known be a house of death. This house is used for analyzing eyes disorder, face, nostrils, teeth, throat. Third House – Throat infection, neck problem, windpipe, right hand and arm. Fourth House – Chest, heart, arteries, mental illness, and psychological disorders are supposed to be calculated from this house. Fifth House – Indigestion, loss of appetite, liver, kidney and all such kind of stomach disorders are calculated from fifth house. Sixth House– Waist pain, intestine, hernia. Seventh House – All kind of disorders related to utters like cyst etc., diabetes, sugar, stone in kidney Eighth House – Sexual disorders, sex weakness, irregular menstrual cycle. Ninth House – Buttocks, bone marrow, Vata, blood infection, blood cancer. Tenth House – Arthritis, skin disorder, knee and ankle pain, Vata. Eleventh House – Leg injury or fracture due to accident. Twelfth House – Eyes, allergy, jaundice, accident and injury in stomach, feet fracture.

In Medical Astrology Report, planetary combinations are responsible for every small to chronical level disease. So here are few examples that indicate how diseases are caused by the different aspects of planets in signs which have an influence on Health Astrology

Psychological Disorder:

In Medical Astrology report, below are the yogas which helps to analyse of Psychological Disorder and help the person getting the remedies with the Health Astrology fundamentals.

When Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Rahu is placed in the first house or Moon and Mercury get aspect by malefic then native suffer with this disorder and such people also suffer Seizure outbreak. It would be worsen even more if the birth is in Krishna Paksha near ‘New Moon’/Amavasya In other yoga, Moon and Mercury are surrounded by Saturn, Rahu and Ketu from one house before and one ahead. Moon has a connection with heart and Mercury with wisdom. So when both are under influence of malefic planets along with Rahu and Ketu so the native would suffer from psychological disorder and mental illness. Other than this there should be an inimical influence of planets on ascendant.


In Medical astrology report, yogas are given below which help to diagnose of Epilepsy and help native getting the solution with the fundamentals of Health Astrology.

Saturn, Mars and Sun in eight house Saturn, Mercury and Mars placed on ascendant Saturn in inflicted by Rahu or Ketu in the sixth house Rahu is in the sixth, eights or twelfth house from Moon Saturn is in Scorpio and Mars is in Gemini Mercury is aspected, placed, conducted or influenced with Saturn. Moon is influenced by Saturn, Rahu or Ketu Saturn and Rahu’s aspect on Sun or ascendant

Evil Attack Disorder:

Medical astrology report also covers this which is not likely to be believed by science but in 1990s Nasa has also proved that good and bad spirits exists and disturb weak human being. In Health Astrology, medical astrologers are capable enough to forecast such problem from the horoscope and provide guaranteed solutions.

Generally, medical science assassinates such kind of problem in hallucination if someone feels the experience communicating with objects are non exist. Health Astrology report helps getting the complete analysis of natal chart along with solutions with the help of Medical Astrology. Note down few yogas are responsible for this disorder. Saturn and Rahu is placed in ascendant then bearer suffers with evil spirits Moon is influenced by Saturn in sixth house and Rahu or Ketu is in seventh house Rahu’s influence on Moon placed on first house and Saturn, Mars placed together in the same house in Trikona Chart

Lungs Weakness:

Medical Astrology Report covers the lugs weakness or disease like lungs cancer etc. This health astrology report not only give the direction of yogas are responsible for any disease but also provide the cure of the problem.

If in a horoscope, the fourth house, cancer sign is afflicted by malefic stars and Sun and Moon is placed in the watery sign like Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces and native is likely to be prone to get such diseases. The exchange between Sun and Moon. Ascendant is of watery sign and aspected by Sun or Moon. When Mars, Rahu and Saturn are placed in fourth house. Mars is placed in Cancer ascendant and aspected by Saturn.


Medical Astrology Report covers the yogas given below for this Tuberculosis. Health Astrology helps person to get cure of this disease in cases where this disease has no cure by medical practitioners.

Krishan Paksha's Moon placed in watery sign and afflicted by malefic planets. Marsh and Mercury are placed in the sixth house and aspected by Venus and Moon. Saturn and Jupiter are placed in seventh or eighth house then native get suffered from Tuberculosis. If Sun is also placed together then person is not likely to be get cured. Ascendant is placed in twelfth house and Rahu in sixth. Rahu or Ketu is in sixth or eighth place then person might get this disease. Mercury being lord of third house placed in ascendant along with Sun and Moon No friendly aspects on Sun and Moon when they exchange houses. If the Jupiter or Moon of birth horoscope is placed in eights house along with any malefic planet or afflicted by the same. Mars and Rahu placed together in fourth or fifth house in birth chart. Ascendant is placed in eighth house along with Rahu or Ketu.

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