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Medical Astrology Vedic Jyotish

Medical Astrology Vedic Jyotish

What is Medical Astrology or Vedic Jyotish

The health is wealth”, which is a very well-known phrase in English literature, considered as the dictum in our organization. Where there is health there is everything. Hence, it becomes our first and foremost responsibility to improve the health of the people who come in contact with us. With a view to that Medical Astrology, Vedic Jyotish is given most importance here.

This Medical Astrology which is a branch of astrology is devoted to the study of the human body, disease, and health according to astrological symbol portrayed in a horoscope. Medical astrology/Vedic Jyotish is an ancient medical system that associates various parts of the body, diseases and drugs as under the influence of the Sun and Moon planets, along with the twelve astrological signs. Each of the astrological signs (along with the Sun, Moon, and planets) are associated with different parts of the human body. After examination of an individual’s natal chart, a medical astrologer or Vedic Jyotish would give advice to the client about the parts of the body they are most likely to experience trouble with. For instance, an individual with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or many planets in the sign of Aries is considered to have more headaches than other people because of the association of Aries with the head.

Astrologically the health problems can be healed by Medical Astrology

Traditional Remedies
Colour Therapy
Gems Therapy
Traditional Therapy includes Yagya, Tula Daan, Chanting Mantra, Puja and ethical remedies of Ganesha’s, Ravana’s, Prashar’s, Bhrigu’s and from Lal Kitab etc.

In Vedic Jyotish Color Therapy rays are the most fundamental building blocks of all living things. Just as visible light is comprised of the seven colors of the rainbow, so is the life force – the force that enlivens, sustains, and nourishes everything that lives. Human beings too are an indication of this vital force. Thus, at the deepest level, we too are made up of spectrums of these seven colour rays. In Hindu Shastra it is believed that each body has seven chakras which have a colour attached to it. The seven major chakras are – Root Chakra which is red, Navel which is orange, Solar plexus which is yellow, Heart which is green and pink, Throat which is blue, Brow which is indigo, and the Crown which is violet. The body needs all these seven colours in appropriate proportion. Any deviation from that balance moves a person away from ideal health.

In Colour, astrologers find out the suffered part of the body of an individual from Natal Chart, accordingly, they recommend colour therapy. For instance, if a person is suffering from heart trouble, he will be suggested to wear more pink coloured cloths, also to bear a pink Burmese Ruby stone. Another significant remedy is the glass bottle of a particular colour, required by an individual, is filled with water and exposed to sunlight for a considerable time. This water is suggested to consume by the sufferer. These remedies stimulate that particular colour, eventually reduce the health problem.

How Gems Therapy is helpful in Medical Astrology

Gems Therapy Each colour ray has a specific purpose, and all seven colour rays are indispensable for life. Certain special Gemstones can help in correcting such colour-ray disparities and heal in the genuine way possible and is known as Gem Therapy. Gemstones aid in the healing process and make excellent healing tools because they carry, concentrate and strengthen vibrational energy. Crystals or gems vibrations interact with the electromagnetic fields of our bodies and can enhance our personal energy. Many gemstones have been used throughout written history (over 7,000 years) for their healing qualities. Their chemical, as well as electrical properties, are important in medicines worldwide. Gems, crystals, and other minerals are excellent personal growth tools. Each crystal or gem is unique and may work very differently from others of its type. According to Michele J. Buckler, stones are mineral and body of human too contains minerals within it. When we suffer from any disease we lack in some minerals. The largest organ of the body is the skin, therefore if you lay a mineral directly against your skin, some of that mineral get absorbed.

Why Medical Astrology and Vedic Jyotish Consultancy is important for You

The Analysis and timing of disease:-
In this you would be told when the disease will onset If you have already suffering from the disease then the future periods of it’s happening or whether it will improve would be given.
Protection from disease by:- Remedial Measures Food groups which are conducive for reducing the disease (Astro Foods) Ayurvedic Herbs, Change of Life Style.

Specialized Medical Astrological Treatment

As mentioned above, on the basis of Medical Astrology, healing of many diseases are done which are mainly based on traditional Vedic remedies, colour therapy, gems therapy, herbal therapy. Other than these Astrokapoor provides a special kind of therapy under medical astrology, which is Meteorite Gemstone healing.

Meteorite is a gems stone which originates in the space, which is also known as comet by many people. These meteorite stones are very ancient almost 4550 million years old and are very rare. These gemstones are very special in terms of their mineral content. They almost contain 50 types of minerals within them. Meteorite gemstone has extremely high healing property. There are mainly three types of meteorite, one is dominated by orthopyroxene chondrules, pyroxenes and olivine. These come under Chondrites group. Second category is Achondrites, which has a combination of almost 50 minerals like all meteorite stone contains, but it does not include chondrule. It has very less amount of pyroxene and plagioclase but contains no iron and nickel. Third, the rarest most of all three are Stony Iron Meteorite Gemstone which contains equal amount of iron and silicates. All these three types carry good healing capacity; however, the Iron Meteorite gemstone is considered to be the best.

Medical Astrology Consultation Report

Benefits of Meteorite Gemstone in Medical Astrology

Meteorite Gemstone is related to chakras like Heart Chakra, Root Chakra, Eye Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra and Crown Chakra. The specialty of this gemstone is that anyone can wear this gemstone irrespective of any zodiac sign, any moon sign or with any ascendants. It helps people to get rejuvenated; person with any kind of health issues will get benefited wearing this meteorite gemstone. It is however, best effective for the people who are suffering from diseases related to blood and tissues, anemia, cancers etc. Its high magnetic and cosmic effect not only helps people to get-rid-off life taking diseases, it helps one to remain motivated and hopeful. Meteorite stone makes one feel stress-less, and energies one internally and physically to fight against the odd.

People who want to know more about Medical Astrology and the Healing properties & remedies can have free Medical Astrology consultancy from our expert Medical Astrologer Prashant Kapoor. However, for chronicle disease cases it is recommended one should take paid consultancy as immediate service on such case is provided on a priority basis. In free cases, since there are many queries, many a time it gets delayed to response. For availing immediate Medical Astrology consultancy please contact us on the mentioned link.

Vedic Health Horoscope by Date of Birth

“Health is Wealth”, the famous saying we all know but very few of us believe and follow, we in AstroKapoor, however, recommend everybody to know one’s health in detail through our Vedic Health Horoscope service. We believe and recommend strongly that to achieve success and to reach one’s goal in life a person needs to be healthy, fit and strong.

Therefore, it is important to know in-and-out of our health status. Vedic Health Horoscope facilitates to understand one’s overall health – current status of health, future health issue one might face and the past experiences and their effect in current and future health.  All these details our Chief Medical Astrologer Prashant Kapoor infers calculating Kundli or horoscope based on one’s date of birth. Based on date of birth Vedic health horoscope report is constructed.  While calculating ones chart the planetary positions, malefic planets, ascendants, etc are studied in details. As we all know we all are under the influences of planets and their positions. Some of these planes are having strong impact some are moderate, but all these planets indicate their influences with respect to different parts of our body. Based on that and the influence of planets on once chart and along with many other combinations and intrinsic details Vedic Health Horoscope is prepared.

Features Covered by Vedic Health Horoscope

The features covered by Vedic Health Horoscope are as follows.

Vedic Health Horoscope Report covering entire Life along with remedies if applicable
Vedic Health Horoscope Report on Current Health Issues along with remedies
Vedic Health Horoscope Report on Future Health Issues along with remedies
Vedic Health Horoscope Report on Past Health Issues and their relation in Present and Future Health Status  along with remedies

Vedic Health Horoscope Report covering entire Life along with remedies if applicable

In the Life Health Horoscope Report, a broad study is done based on the birth details and overall planetary positions and their influences on the native’s health are delineated. Besides, the major issues or chronic health issues are discussed. Approximate age or time when the issues are likely to crop up is also indicated. The report also includes remedial measures and the brief procedure that is to be followed. Besides, the time when the remedies are to be done is also mentioned, i.e. year, month, day – as where applicable.

Vedic Health Horoscope Report on Current Health Issues along with remedies

In the Vedic current health horoscope report, a detailed study is done on native’s current health based on the birth time. In this, further micro level study is done where analysis is done on a monthly basis hence more detail calculations are carried out here. Based on the details report present health status, problems and the control & remedial measures are inferred.

Vedic Health Horoscope Report on Future Health Issues along with remedies

Here focus is to cover the health problem likely to arise in near future or in later part of life. Many factors are considered to analyze an individual’s kundli to provide a comprehensive futuristic health report on the areas of concern. The health report covers area of concern, its affect on overall health of a person, duration of ailment or discomfort, control and remedial measures.

Vedic Health Horoscope Report on Past Health Issues and their relation in Present and Future Health Status

This is a very special type of report.  In this kind of study, a comprehensive relation based analysis is done. For example, if in case a person has suffered from any particular disease in his childhood or young age, whether these childhood issues will pose any problem in future is inferred in this report. That is, possibility of a past ailment becoming a chronic disease in the future etc. are discussed and reported. In this analysis our astrologer also analysis origin of ailment, the reverse study, i.e. if the current health issue has a root in any past case, accordingly solutions and remedies are given to control or get least affected.

Parents Health Astrology

In AstroKapoor our Medical Astrologer  Prashant Kapoor has expertise to decipher native’s parent’s health through Vedic astrology based on the native’s birth details.  Planetary positions in our Kundli indicate the houses of our father, mother, siblings, spouse & children. From the detail calculations, it is possible to decode parent’s health report especially indicating chronic health problem. It is very useful if in case native’s parent do not have the birth detail.

The natal chart of children and parents are interlinked. After the age of 13, in Vedic astrology, it’s calculated that children’s chart in a great extent can be considered to discuss parent’s chart. There are many more combinations are linked for example by Hindu Shastra we believe father is our soul, he is the fire, he is the Guru, fail & religion, father is represented by Sun, father considered to be dharma. When all these factors are linked it takes us to Sun and 9th House of a native’s chart. From these houses, it can be very well described about father’s health, wealth & assets, nature & personality, family & relationship etc. There are much more detail study is done including interlinking outcome of many combinations, planetary positions and then the parent’s health report is developed. For both mother and father separate factors are considered and separate reports are prepared, deciphering their current health condition and that might be faced in future. Of course, a conclusive and effective remedial measure is always provided by our astrologers.

Similarly, from child’s natal chart mother’s health can also be very accurately inferred and our expert Medical Astrologer Prashant Kapoor is having decades of experience in this field. For instance, the moon which is the significator (karaka) of mother’s house is afflicted by or aspected by 3 malefic stars then mother of the child will have serious health issues. Another instance is if the moon is positioned in 7th or 8th house from a malefic star or gets an aspect (Drishti) from a strong malefic star then mother long life is uncertain. Similarly, there are many other combinations of stars, their positions, angle etc has strong interlink with children’s natal chart and that to parent’s health.

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