Simple way to remove GALLBLADDER stones with Naturopathy and Medical Astrology by Prashant Kapoor

First we have to understand the function of Gallbladder in our body. It is a part of digestive system in our body, which store bile and bile helps to break down and absorb fats. Sometimes we get stones in gallbladder and, called gallstones. Gallstones are hardened form of bile or sometimes gallbladder doesn’t empty completely or often so this is also the reason of gallstones which results to hardened the remaining bile in form of stones.

Now if we talk about treatment or solution of this, so doctor suggest to remove the gallbladder and no other solution as during the time it may cause a serious issue if gallstones size increase or stuck in bile duct. But as we already told that it is important part of our digestive system, then removing the organ is not the solution as it may cause other digestion issues.

Now we have come up with a natural formula, with which anyone can remove their gallstones naturally at home. This formula is patent formula of one of a USA Allopathic doctors. But Astrologer Prashant Kapoor has done some addition in this formula to make it more effective.

Astrologer Prashant Kapoor also had gallstones in Nov 2017 so He went to doctor. And as always doctor suggested to remove the gallbladder. But he told the doctor he will remove gallstones within 4-5 days with naturopathy but doctor didn’t believe. Then he followed the complete process with the addition which he did in it and went to the hospital again for the Sonography and doctors were shocked as there was no stone.

Let us share the formula which he followed and his addition to prevent gallbladder to make any other stones in future.

We need 4 things for this :-

20 Kg – Apple Juice which has Maximum Juice
160 ml – Extra Virgin Olive oil
½ Kg – Oranges
and Astrologer Prashant Kapoor’s Addition – Herkimer Diamond Gemstone

First of all you should wear Herkimer Diamond in the form of locket or rosary before start the process. It’s not very costly gemstone. But when you will wear Herkimer Diamond, it will make you calm and will help to process work faster. As when you don’t eat anything so first day you might get irritated so this gemstone will help you feel better. Now Take 20 Kg American Apple, or any other apples which contains maximum amount of Juice, as we have to take juice. American apple have more juice than Indian one. So In 20 Kg American apples you can get around 13-14 Liter of juice. And drink as much as you can for 3 to 4 days. For those who cant stay hungry for long, they can take boiled vegetables along with juice for 1-2 times. But don’t take high protein Vegetables like broccoli, Mushrooms etc. You can sprinkle little salt and Black Pepper Also can take water. And don’t eat anything else.
Who can’t take Boiled Vegetables they can take grilled vegetables. After 3 days, or if you are taking Apple juice for 4 days, then after 4 days, don’t eat anything, you can just drink apple juice and water till 12 in afternoon. Then after 12 afternoons to 10 PM you don’t have to eat or drink anything not a single drop of water. And then you have to take 160 ml Olive oil. And Mixed Fresh orange Juice in it and Shake it well. Fresh Orange juice is just for taste there is no other role, as drinking only Olive oil is difficult. And before sleep drink it all. Sleeping position also matters a lot in it. You have to sleep in right side on Right Shoulder. And knees should be little bent

Now how this process will work –Apple juice contains malic acid, so it removes the hardness or Calcium layer of the stone, and stone will be convert in Bottle green color soft Rubber balls like Sponge.
Our liver produces 1400 ML bile in a day which store in gallbladder and when gallbladder gets the signal any fat is in the body it starts throwing bile.
So after 4 days in Empty stomach, when you will take fat in form of olive oil, Liver will be confused. And Gallbladder and Liver both will start throwing bile very fast. And in this process, when bile will be coming out, those stones which has been converted in Bottle green color also come out and will be gone to small intestine from Bile duct. And when it will be in small Intestine, the process is complete.
Next day Morning don’t take heavy food, just take Khichdi so that you don’t get acidity.
This is the whole process, for Video of this process Please check below-
Also you can book the consultation for other Gallbladder Stones Removal solutions.

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