How does Name Numerology work

How does Name Numerology work

A boat sails smoothly in water if the wind is favourable. The same boat May sail even when the wind is against but with the lot of difficulty and possibility of sinking. Correct name spelling generates the same harmonious vibration which will help in your life the way favourable wind does to the boat.

Your name is the most important part of your identity. We work so hard to make our name in the society but sometimes despite hard work we do not achieve the success we deserve or expect. Name numerology help in analyzing whether your name is In Sync and harmony with your name vibration. If your name number does not align with your date of birth then you are likely to face struggles and challenges in life.

Name numerology does not mean that you have to change your name. It only needs little spelling change in your name to bring your name to the most favorable number that will help you. A small amendment in your spelling can do wonders in your life.

It is not just limited to your business or career prospects but it affects your social life or personal relationship as well. Sometimes you don’t understand what is going wrong despite your efforts because of which either your personal life, finances, marital life or professional life is facing challenges. Name numerology not only figure out the problem through your name but fixes it as well.

For example if you are a number 9 and your partner is number 8, You might face cold war and lack of peace in your relationship. Name correction will bring your and your partner’s name in sync which will establish harmony between partners.

Success is the combination of hard work and luck. There is no substitute of hard work but if your lucky numbers favour you then your hard work will bear fruit of success on right time.

A little change in name can change your life’s game!

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