No muhurta of Hawan between 31 March 2023 – 3 May 2023 beware of fraudsters

Jupiter which is combust on 31st March 2023. will rise on 30th April 2023.  During this time of combustion Auspicious work does not happen, and marriages do not happen. Many of astrologers do not take care of this. And they do Yagyas on this duration as well. There are so many troubles if you do Yagyas and Hawan now. It may cause money loss, Health issues, and many others. Auspicious works are forbidden in the scriptures Paath/Jaap can be done but not the Yagyas. If you do Yagyas you partake of sin. There is no auspicious time for Yagya from 31st March to 30th April. Rather the auspicious time of Yagya. The first Kotha will come out on May 5th. So, let’s assume that there is no auspicious time for Havan from 31st March to 4th May.
But in this, if a particular person who is not healthy has a chronic disease. He/she is in ICU, on a ventilator and if you want to worship for Him/Her, you can do it. you can do the full Jaap (Chanting).
Jaap Can get 1.25 lakh done, but Havan will start at the auspicious time only.

So please be aware of these things. We at AstroKapoor, pay attention to these and do Yagyas/Hawana on auspicious dates given by Astrologer Prashant Kapoor and our Panditas.

Please check our YouTube video regarding this, Link is given below.


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