Australia will win World Cup 2023 Predictions came true

In our country, people have different opinions on different topics but if there is one topic on which everyone agrees then it is cricket. almost every person prayed for India’s victory. And was praising India’s performance in the Cricket World Cup 2023. Many people also asked what Numerology says about it. and what is the scope of victory for India?

We all know, India lost the World Cup 2023. and this was not expected at all. As in the whole World Cup, the Indian team’s performance was outstanding. Our Numerologist Akanksha Srivastava already predicted this. She has good command over Numerology and Astrology. And with the help of both, she came to the point that Astrology and Numerology doesn’t support India’s luck this time. As Numerologist Akanksha Srivastava already Predicted Australia will be the winner of World Cup 2023 and it happened.

As per here detailed analysis, the Matches that took place in October, October was a Libran period that ruled from number six. India comes after being added at number 3 and Bharat comes at 6 which is a favourable number for 6, so all the matches till that time were in a favourable period. And it was because of the hard work of our team that India got support in winning all the 10 Matches till the Semi-final. Now when we were in November which was a scorpion period, ruled by Mars Number 9. Number 9 is a favorable period too.

But for any team to win we cannot just look at how our captain’s stars are in our team, sometimes our stars our numbers are good but if the stars or numbers of the opposite team are better than ours, then based on that analysis, the chances of India winning was less. The captain of Australia is at number 8 and is in his good period. Pat Cummins is currently in his 31st year, so this is the best period of his life.

Apart from this, our captain Rohit Sharma is in his 37th year, although because of the power of number one. His performance did not diminish in his leadership quality but this is not his most favourable time. Although there was no doubt in his performance here stars in support of Pat Cummins. They are looking much better. so according to her, India’s chances of victory were not there. The numbers are not sorting that much.



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