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Bollywood to undergo major transformation in coming time

Bollywood Astrology is a service to provide direction in career of cinema line, financial growth and many other services like, Movie Name selection, Movie release Muhurta etc. first we talk about Bollywood and then astrological analysis of Bollywood.

Bollywood is a popular term or name for the Indian film Industry. It’s famous for Spectacular movies and Music, full of entertainment. Or we can say it’s the Hollywood of India. Bollywood term derived from “Bombay (Mumbai today) and Hollywood”. Mumbai is where the Bollywood film industry is based.

Most of the actors and actresses are living luxurious lives in Mumbai. But on the other side, there is huge unemployment also in the industry. In Movies or Serials and also in News we mostly see the bright side of these people. But deep down few bollywood people are having a life which is lower than layman.

If we talk about 80s-90s Movies there were no special effects or VFX used in movies. Everything was very simple and natural. But if you take an example of today’s Movies or Songs, it’s full of Actions, VFX effects. For this they use Computerized effects, 3D animation but not the actor who is supposed to do these things or any other person, so that we can see the real actions not the edited ones.

There is huge unemployment also in this industry especially from the Covid time. In the last 3 Years there have been so many ups and downs in the industry. Every industry was affected by covid, Bollywood was also not untouched by this. There was controversy on Sushant Singh Rajput’s Murder case. There was speculation whether it was suicide or murder. Also nepotism is a core reason for unemployment. Many of the actors and actresses just got work in the industry as one of the family members or relatives is a big Star of bollywood. And newcomers can’t get the work as per their ability.

As per Astrologer Prashant Kapoor, On March 15, 2023, at around 7:30 am, Sun will transit in Pisces. On this day, if we make Surya Vidhi Kundli, then the indication is visible that 360 degree transformation is going to happen in Bollywood. According to the Surya Vidhi Chart, there is good news for Bollywood. There will be a new Film institute open and Some such collaboration is going to happen with the state government and the central government. Nepotism will slowly disappear in Bollywood. Chances for new generations become high as per their capabilities. Youth will start opting for a career in Bollywood and will also support them.
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