Solar Eclipse

Effect of Solar Eclipse 8 April 2024 on USA | Mass death, Unemployment, Cyclone by | Prashant Kapoor

The first Solar Eclipse of this year will be on 8th April 2024, and it will be seen during day time in USA. Along with Solar Eclipse Sambadh 2081 will also start, the impact of which will not be positive in USA. Diplomatic relations between USA and other countries will be bad, there will be incidences of mass death too. Weaponry attacks in schools and public places by youngsters and middle aged people will increase multiple times. The number of militants’ attacks will increase on the citizens of USA. Economic downfall from 8th April including collapsing of banking system, impact on inflation are also visible. The possibilities of various scandals, political upheavals will also be there.  News on election scams during the regime of Trump also will be exposed. Political disturbances, swapping of parties will take place. Indications of dangerous cyclone, heavy rainfall, tornado, loss of public property and massive earthquake will also be inevitable. Foundation chart of USA shows Mahadasa till 27th September 2026 which reflects on unemployment and other economic loss. USA will also attack Yemen or other country. Till 27th September 2026 there will be political upheaval, violence, militant attacks, and explosion in USA. To summarize, planetary combinations does not indicate good times for USA. The purpose of video is to prepare government or the concerned authorities to take preventive measures to handle crisis situations.



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