Karnataka election astrological analysis May 2023

Karnataka is a state in southern India that has a legislative assembly comprising 224 members. The last state assembly election in Karnataka was held in May 2018, and the next election is scheduled to be held in 2023.

Political parties play a significant role in the electoral process in India, with various national and regional parties contesting elections in different states. In Karnataka, the major political parties are the Indian National Congress, the Bharatiya Janata Party, and the Janata Dal (Secular).

In 2018 BJP won by 108 seats. It came out as the largest party. So the figure is not far. As for political analysis, Definite BJP seems to be coming, so what’s going to happen astrologically.

As per Mundane astrology Astrologer Prashant Kapoor analyzed a chart of 4 members who are eligible for this position.

Mr. basavaraj bommai, Mr. Yediyurappa, Mr. Kumar Swami, and Mr. Shivkumar.

First let’s talk about Mr. basavaraj bommai, His astrological combinations show lack of liking of

Now what’s about Mr. B. S. Yediyurappa. His chart shows very strong combinations. He is good

human being also, he fought for farmers. And is a famous leader for his strong personality and Ideology. But as he is turning 80 years old, at this age how effective for him and for the party to be in politics. His combinations indicate lack of luck. He is definitely a popular person among the public but there is no indication that He will be successful in bringing a majority to the BJP in the East. He was CM for 4 times, but never completed his term. It is because of the sun. Sun is definitely sitting in the place of might. He showed a lot of courage, he also did a lot of service to the public. But due to Solar Eclipse Yoga this happened. He never completed his term.

Next is Mr H. D. Kumaraswamy, son of Mr. H. D. Deve Gowda. He is from Janata Dal (Secular) Party. He seems to be a strong competitor. But Public influence is not visible here. Combinations are good as per the competition. This horoscope also shows that such people suddenly lose their people. Disputes are pulled by our own people.

And 4th is Mr. Shivkumar, His chart shows grand Rajyoga. People like this have a lot of money.

Mr. Siva kumar declared their assets 840 crores in 2018. He was in jail also and got Tax department notices. But his chart is very strong if Congress launches Shivkumar ji Strongly and If Congress comes to power, then only he will be given the post of CM. This horoscope is the strongest horoscope. 


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