India will be declared as Hindu Rashra soon

The term “sanatana” comes from Sanskrit, an ancient language of India, and is often used in the context of Hinduism. The word “sanatana” means “eternal”.

In Hinduism, the concept of Sanatana Dharma, which can be translated as eternal law. Sanatana Dharma has a wide range of beliefs. including knowledge and self-realization, the performance of religious rituals, and the practice of moral and ethical behaviour.

Overall, “sanatana” is a term that conveys the idea of something that is eternal, unchanging, and foundational, and it has a significant role in Hindu philosophy and spirituality.

Sanatana Dharma is a term used to refer to the eternal and universal principles. The term “Sanatana” means “eternal” or “everlasting,” while “Dharma” can be translated as “law or duty,”

Sanatana Dharma has a set of beliefs, practices, and traditions. It is sometimes referred to as Hinduism. although the term “Hinduism” is a relatively recent term that was introduced by outsiders to describe the religious and cultural practices of the people living in the region known as the Indus valley.

The principles of Sanatana Dharma include the belief in karma. Sanatana Dharma have a rich and diverse range of practices, including the worship of a multitude of deities, the performance of rituals and ceremonies, the study of sacred texts, and the practice of yoga and meditation.

Now if we Talk about Astrologer Prashant Kapoor on this topic, As per his Medini Astrology Analysis since Saturn has transited in Aquarius on 17th Jan 2023, So as per the planetary permutation and combination which are corresponding to the Horoscope of India. And which has Torus ascendent chart and since Saturn has transited in 10th House in India’s Horoscope and it would remain next 2 Years. So these combinations indicates that India is going to be a Hindu Nation because Saturn connect with the mass public, and 4th house is house of public, it also indicates in India’s Chart that good transits are going to be connected in this house. So this transit going to connect India with their own roots, which they have with Sanatana and Hinduism. Also India is going to connect with their Vedas. Old Culture would be coming and young generation would be connected with the sanatana.

Also if we see in current scenario of the nation. Where few clairvoyant People like Dhirendra Shastri Ji, He is also coming with his Ideas and they are trying to connect the country with the old roots. So after the transit of Saturn everything has started connecting, also few more clairvoyants started speaking on this like Ramdev babji has also Initiated this topic and Many other people want India a Hindu Country and get connected with their own roots.


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