Predictions about Turkey Earthquake turns true By Astrologer Prashant Kapoor

On 6 February 2023, south- eastern Turkey and northern Syrian were hit by the most important earthquake in the region for over 80 times. This was snappily followed by a further earthquake and hundreds of foreshocks. While the situation is still developing, wide destruction has been reported. On farther than, 46,000 people have lost their life and this figure is likely to increase. The natural disaster has exacerbated the high position of humanitarian need in the region, with multitudinous Syrian refugees concentrated in the 10 affected businesses of southern Turkey, and Syria suffering from over a decade of civil war. This briefing summarizes the current situation, original and international responses, and the challenges of organizing aid for Syria in the terrain of clearances against the Assad governance, limited cross- border aid corridors, and the damage caused the country’s civil war.

Astrologer Prashant Kapoor already predicted about earthquake in his YouTube video. That turkey will be missing from world Map; this may cause due to Humans like terrorist attack or natural calamity.
This is according to their astrological calculation as per Medini Astrology. His all predictions on earthquakes along with dates are correct. He also predicted about Countries and state names, Richter scale accurately. His research on earthquake is very precise. This is his own study. He will be giving these types of prediction in future also, so that people can aware and take precaution. Also, Local government can take the action to reduce the losses.

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