Mars Saturn in Aquarius indicates air attack, plain crash, fire disasters etc. | Prashant Kapoor

The year 2024 will witness many changes in India and the entire world. After the macro level predictions, assurance was also given to bring micro level predictions as the planetary position changes. These predictions will include the months of March and April that is the preparatory time of election.  26th January 2024 to 23 April 2024 is a time called Khappar Yog, in this time the ruling parties in many states will change. As seen most of the predictions given in earlier video are coming true including fire incidents, political games in Himachal Pradesh , sudden change in power. Moreover joined impact of Sun, Venus and Rahu on Pisces will bring massive upheaval in political front. This particular combination also cause fire incidents, air accidents, massive earthquake leading loss of public wealth. On 15th March 2024 due to dual effect of Mars and Saturn situation will occur where we will witness storm, some internal conflicts where space center of particular areas will be attacked, and air strike will increase in West and also situation of drought can be seen. Govt should be careful as along with this terrible situations, there will be riot like situations in the country.  There will be change in political powers of Punjab, Delhi and Himachal Pradesh. Italy, Iran, Arab, Egypt and other Muslim countries will face food shortages. Again the planetary position of Mars and Saturn on 24th April 2024 will bring riots in many parts of the country.

 As per the Astrology, when such situations occurs govt needs to be cautious. Planetary combination on 15th March indicates some kind of mishap with the army heads of a country. The govt of Andhra Pradesh,  Odissa, Kashi, and Uttar Pradesh should be cautious of riots. Some countries of West like Astonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland will face destructions. Finland also will face some odd times. 11th April 2024, Mars and Saturn can be seen in same degree on Aquarius indicating fire incidents in India and other parts of the world leading loses and damages for people. Astrological combinations in Modiji’s horoscope indicates defeat of all enemies at the center, leading a massive and positive transformation. Upcoming time will not be good from the point of view of natural calamities and public loses



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