unique birthchart predictions

Unique Birth Chart Prediction

We are born to unfinished desires from our life.

Jyotish is a vast way that helps us to identify the most prominent past life desires.

We have to find the Atma Karaka or the Soul planet using the 8 karaka scheme which includes Rahu. It is also essential to find the position of Atma Karaka in the Navamasha Chart i.e. D9.

The planet and their significance of the sign and the lord and its aspects helps to identify the most prominent desires of our life.

To overcome losses and secret enemies worship the deity connected to the planet that lords the 12th house from the Arudha Lagna. If Arudha lagna is Pisces then the 12th house from Pisces is Aquarius which has 2 lords – Saturn and Rahu, so it is better to worship Lord Narayana and Goddess Durga.

The best way to worship Lord Narayana is with devotion and adoration and the best way to worship Lord Shiva is with Abhishekam.

The 13th nakshatra of your natural zodiac is Hasta which is one of the most favorite of the Sun God and hasta is ruled by the Savitur.

The 13th nakshatra from your Janam nakshatra holds special significance when it comes to your career and destiny. Wearing the color of those planets that rules the 13th nakshatra is a secret clue to get all your desires manifested through the Sun God. Remember, the power of Hasta nakshatra is ‘Manifesting all that you desire and placing it in your hands’.

Timing Spirituality with Transit Jupiter

The rashi aspect of transit Jupiter on the Arudha of the fifth house is called as Mantra Pada which brings one in touch with gurus and can make one spiritual.

Interestingly Transit Jupiter is in Scorpio which is Narendra Modi’s Mantra Pada. During this period, he visited in temples and got blessings of many Gurus and also won the election.

Lagna Lord in Divisional Charts

Try to check the Lagna lord in divisional charts and if it is debilitated in any divisional chart you may not like something which is happening in that area of your life. If it is exalted in any divisional chart you will be very happy and content with that part of your life. This is the first step towards understanding the divisional charts.

6th House from Arudha Lagna – Real Enemies and Inherent Weaknesses

The position of malefic planets in this house blocks our spiritual growth but it is good for material success as for example, it shows our capability and also helps to manipulate situations and people around us to get what we want. If the malefic planets are weak, then it will give opportunities to let go off the evil tendencies.

The 5th and the 9th house lords are important for prosperity and if the lord of the 5th and the 9th house goes to the 6th or the 12th house and is aspected from 2nd lord or 7th lord, then the person may have finance issues.

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