24 incidents will happen in India and the world

These 24 incidents will happen in India and the world | Prashant Kapoor

Astrologer Prashant Kapoor analyzed for the year 2024, some auspicious and inauspicious events will happen in the country and the world, which he has covered in 24 Points.

1- Modi government will come back in India.

2- Palestine will be destroyed in the Israel war. You are also watching Israel vs. whatever is happening right now in the Gaza Strip between Hamas. Lebanon and Syria will be destroyed and Egypt will also be in the grip of war.

3- Pakistan is certain to be disintegrated and these incidents will be seen happening in 2024.

4- Pakistan will move towards civil war

5- China’s President Mr. Jing Ping will be weak and there are chances that he may leave China and settle in some other country.

6- Russia may be seen occupying Ukraine. And about this war, He had given a prediction in 2021 itself that this war will start in February 2022. In the coming time.

7- Some countries will be destroyed in war and some will also be destroyed due to starvation.

8- Global warming will increase more than before in 2024, which will also cause destruction due to sea storms and lightning and at some places, mud puddles will also arise.

9- There are direct chances of causing devastation due to drought somewhere and rains in the North-East.

10- The incident that will happen in which a new form of epidemic will occur in. In which the impact in India will be less.

11- The economy of the entire world except India will collapse.

12- Entire Arab world will be engulfed in war.

13- The yellow metal which is called gold is seen crossing 71000,in this way it can be said that gold will cross 71000.

14- Country and the world will be shaken by the earthquake and which creates the possibility of terrible destruction in which There are chances of destruction of public and severe earthquake.

15- Our country India will be deprived of a big leader.

16- Elections for the new Parliament are going to be held in 2024 and the old faces who have won the bar elections 2-3 times either they will lose despite getting the ticket, or their tickets will be cancelled and you will get to see some new young faces.

17- In our country, everyone knows that nepotism is very prevalent in politics, but now it will come closer to being free from nepotism.

18- Terrorism will be curbed.

19- Collection of GST is seen increasing much more than before in 2024 and the foundation of demonetization has been laid. And suddenly a shock is seen in 2025.

20- Country will also be affected by the riots.

21- The election of the President will be held, in which there are chances of a change of the President.

22- Opposition which will vote in Dot which has just been named India, ED India, many names are taken, opposition will disintegrate.

23- Many politicians who are corrupt will suddenly go on jail journey, some new laws which will have a lot of power in these With politicians

24- There are chances of the 3rd world war starting after or around September 2024.

So these are 24 points which Astrologer Prashant Kapoor analyzed through Mundane Astrology.

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