eliminate radical Islam completely

Shukracharya’s curse to Demon king Bali will eliminate radical Islam completely

Astrology has different branches and one of them is Medani Astrology and in English it is called Mundane Astrology. Keeping this in mind any Mundane Astrologer is able to assess those principles correctly. and one can know about the events happening in the world and the universe in advance.

Astrologer Prashant Kapoor has made many predictions in the last 4 years with the help of Mundane Astrology and out of which there has been 99% accuracy which is happening in the world right now. There is a situation of war, and as per his analysis about further planetary combinations, it is visible that something very big is going to happen, and He decoded it in a different way. Astrologer Prashant Kapoor told about an incident between Demon Guru Shukracharya and King Bali. It is such an incident. when anyone will understand,will know what will be the situation of the world in the coming years. what will be the condition of which nations after the war. Which nations will fall down and which nations will disappear from the world map? So Lets start with the incident of between Demon Guru Shukracharya and King Bali. Daityaraj Chakravarti Emperor King Bali, who is Chiranjivi, is still alive and when we talk about him, his fame and his bravery were so great.

Once, Bali, the powerful demon king, performed a great Yajna (sacrificial ritual) to please the gods and gain immense power. Pleased with Bali’s devotion, the gods appeared before him, and Bali asked for the boon of invincibility. However, the gods were worried about Bali becoming too powerful and sought the help of Lord Vishnu.

In order to curb Bali’s growing strength, Vishnu took on the form of a Brahmin dwarf named Vamana and approached Bali during the Yajna. Vamana asked for a simple gift: three paces of land. Bali, known for his generosity, agreed without realizing that Vamana was Vishnu in disguise.

As Bali made the promise, Vamana began to expand in size. With one step, he covered the earth, with the second step, he covered the heavens. With no space left for the third step, Bali bowed before Vamana and offered his own head as a stepping stone for the Lord’s third step.

At this crucial moment, Shukracharya, Bali’s guru, recognized the true identity of Vamana and warned Bali not to fulfil the promise. However, Bali was a man of his word and insisted on keeping his commitment. Shukracharya, disappointed with Bali’s decision.

A Donation becomes complete only when you take a pledge to perform the yagya. Often you must have seen that whenever you give a donation, the, Jajman holds the Kamandal with his hands and makes a stream of water flow from it. which reaches the hands of the person taking the donation. It is flowed in water and an oath is taken, a pledge of charity is taken and something similar happened there too as soon as King Bali took his kamandal in the hand of that child brahmachari when he was trying to make the stream of water flow. That stream of water does not flow, there was some obstruction,the reason behind the obstruction, was that the demon Guru Shukracharya,who resides in that Kamandal in a subtle form, creates a blockage in the water so that King Bali cannot take any resolution. so he can not donate three steps of land to that child celibate, at the same time that child celibate tries to remove the blockage of that kamandal with one of his prongs and that prong hits the demon Guru Shukracharya ji’s eye and his eye gets fractured. and at the same time he comes out of that kamandal in his real form and

In his anger, Shukracharya cursed Bali that he would lose all his power and prosperity. Despite the curse, Bali remained steadfast in his devotion to Vishnu. Pleased with Bali’s unwavering devotion, Vishnu granted him a boon that he would become the ruler of the netherworld (Patala) and would later be restored to his position in the heavens. one of them was that he tells him, demon can never win over God. They will always face defeat. Whenever all the invaders in the world become very powerful, it often happens that the God get victory over them.

Astrologer Prashant Kapoor had told 4 principles of Mundane Astrology which is whenever we talk about Dev Guru Brihaspati i.e. Jupiter,

It is defined by Hinduism and Sanatan, Ketu defined by Christianity and Sikhism, Venus defined by Asuras/Daitya/demon and a new version of them which has been termed as Islam, and Rahu defined by Radical Islam.

King Bali who was under the influence of Venus, even though he was cursed, that curse took the form of a boon and he was made the imaginary king of Sutra world by Shri Hari Vishnu. and Shri Hari Vishnu himself protects their door Even today. King Bali had not taken the influence of Rahu because Rahu also defines the concept of radical Islam and look at the four facts that Astrologer Prashant has told.

now if we add more links along with this. Similarly is happening these days. The Wars which are going on continuously, especially in Islamic countries. He had made a prediction in June 2021 that as soon as the Kaal Yoga Paksha of 13 days comes in September 2021, Afghanistan will lose its existence and there will be a terrible war situation will arise, and it happened in September-October 2021.

There is a huge contradiction among themselves, a situation of civil war in which many people had to flee the country and many murders in which brothers killed brothers.

he had made another prediction about Azerbaijan and Armenia. The war that took place in those days is a different thing in 2021. that there are 2 different sects. another prediction along with this in August 2021, In which He said that in the month of February 2022 In the 3rd week, a fierce war will start between Russia and Ukraine, it has been 1.5 years now and this war is not ending and it is going to last for a very long time. He also predicted in May 2023 in which he said that in the middle of September 3rd week 2023 5 new fronts will start in this world in which

Palestine and Israel war. Which did not start in the 3rd week of September, but after some 10-12 days, this war has started on 7th October 2023, and It is going to be terrible.


now if we start adding those facts, the 4 principles thathe told, the developments that have started from Jupiter, Ketu, Venus and Rahu and the planetary combinations that he has made till 2031. Further, Saturn will also transit in Aries around 2027. In the year 2028, there will be a hexadecimal solar and lunar eclipse along with Saturn Mars in the lower zodiac sign. At that time, the position of Venus and Ketu, if these 2

planets are combined with it and the influence of Jupiter and Sun is seen, then it will continue to deteriorate . And whenever this planet transits in aggressive constellations, then 2028 tells that the entire world will stand at the foot of war, hardly any country will be left which will not participate in the war and every country will have some or the other fear of war developments. There will definitely be an impact, so we can see, these Ketu and A fierce war between the 2 paths of Venus will take the form of an ethnic war. All the Islamic nations in the Middle East will gather together. The Islamic nations of Europe will also get connected. There will be a connectivity alliance among themselves. Some Islamic nations in Asia and also some from the rest of the country will come together.

These will be some nations and countries Which will be disappear from the map. There will be fierce wars. They will destroy themselves. They will come together to attack the other sect.

This is what defines the curse of demon Guru Shukracharya, which Astrologer Prashant Kapoor has decoded. Till 2031, they will not only lose their land but  also lose their people. and by the time 2031 comes, whatever war events are happening all over the world, then they will calm down somewhere, but now these war events will keep increasing. this spark that has started now will not stop,

We can see Israel vs Palestine, Israel vs Lebanon, Syria, Turkey. Iran will also jump into this war and it will undoubtedly disappear from the world map. There are some groups Hamas, Hezbollah and some new groups are coming. Their name and trace will be erased, but roots do not end, some roots remain. The population is going to be caused by large scale wars in which Venus and Rahu are going to affect these nations. Their population is going to decline drastically. Another scenario which is currently going on is that Hamas attacked Israel living in the Gaza Strip and Hamas is fully supported by Iran and other Islamic nations too. This is such an organization that has been formed to carry out a war by conducting proxy raids. They thought that just like they did a raid on Israel, they carried out a war, innocent people were killed. what is the situation today as on 8th November, Israel has separated North Gaza and a separate one on South Gaza, so see what happened to the Gaza Strip, 27 lakh people who were their own who carried out this raid. people who were his brothers would have to leave the country and settle in Egypt or other countries.

and America will also have war bases built there and Gaza Strip. The sparks of wars will spread between Islamic countries. Their countries getting destroyed in front of them.

This is a planetary combination visible as per Astrologer Prashant Kapoor. And as he said curse of demon Guru Shukracharya also indicates the same. So here we also get a message that whenever we are enjoying our material pleasures, it is very important to think good about the people and also about the civilizations. Now question arises whether these wars Can be stopped? Can peace be established? Will it not have any impact on India? it will have an impact on India too. It will have a little touch base here also around 2028, but these wars cannot be stopped now. And curse of Shukracharya ji on King Bali is now going to be proved again. Peace will be established only after 2031. And all These Wars which are going is showing the complete Eradication of Eratical Islam.



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